Kickstarter: Bicycle Federal 52 Playing Cards by Jackson Robinson

14 Mar

Federal 52 – A NEW Bicycle Playing Card Deck designed by Jackson Robinson inspired by US bank notes and currency. It will be printed by USPCC.

There will be four decks: Bicycle Federal 52, Federal 52, Bicycle Gold Certificate and Gold Certificate.


Old box of only one deck


This is more than a Kickstarter project to me, this is a life long dream come true to design a deck of cards inspired by currency. 

All my life I have had a love of traditional engraving designs of bank notes and currency. I have also always had a dream that I could one day design an entire deck of cards. Finally this is the realization of that dream, taking two elements that I love and have been inspired by my whole life, and melding them together into one fresh new idea, The Federal 52 Deck of Bicycle Brand playing cards. 

I hope that this project will inspire you. I hope that the amount of work and love that I pour into the designs shines through in the quality of these playing cards.

Be a part of the creation process as you follow me throughout the 40 day campaign and watch as the cards take shape and come alive.” ~ Jackson Robinson (his Facebook page)

You can pledge here:

This project will only be funded if at least $7,990 is pledged by Monday Apr 22, 6:30pm EDT.

All pictures are clickable

Bicycle_Federal_52_Playing_Cards_Spades Bicycle_Federal_52_Playing_Cards_Herats Bicycle_Federal_52_Playing_Cards_Clubs Bicycle_Federal_52_Playing_Cards_Diamonds Bicycle_Federal_52_Playing_Cards_Jokers

89ce7f260f3ccd3c116a5532680c6b05_large2da2d7865b06e644795a8012217817e2_large9e82206c49a2d68bed872240e563829d_largef4039a3aecf07b58eb1b9ae406003dd5_largedb48baa1af0730c1ec27cab3ffa68f2d_large image-226872-fullimage-226873-fullJos

New Back Design

image-227458-full image-227459-full 

Old The King of Hearts


The Ace of Spades – Federal Series v. Gold Certificate Series


The Ace of Hearts – Federal Series v. Gold Certificate Series


The Two of Spades – Federal Series v. Gold Certificate Series


Spades – Gold Certificate Series


Jokers – Gold Certificate Series


Information Card – All Series


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