Bēhance: “Sherlock Holmes: Scarlet” Playing Cards by Abby Diamond

30 Nov

Playing cards designed (a project) by the American artist, Abby Diamond. They are dedicated to A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is his first detective mystery involving Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr John Watson as main characters. Each card design was hand-drawn then colored in Photoshop.

© 2013 Abby Diamond

Pictures are clickable

Kings – Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock_Holmes_Playing_Cards_by_Abby_Diamond_1 Sherlock_Holmes_Playing_Cards_by_Abby_Diamond_3

Queens – Irene Adler


Jacks – Dr John Watson

Sherlock_Holmes_Playing_Cards_by_Abby_Diamond_5 Sherlock_Holmes_Playing_Cards_by_Abby_Diamond_6

Jokers – cabby Jefferson



The Ace of Spades


Back Design



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