2013 [week 9] – Upcoming Decks

24 Feb
  • Ritual Playing Cards: Gold Edition [pre-order: February 26, 2013]
  • Sultana Playing Cards [new launch date on Kickstarter: ?]
  • “The Door is Always Open” Playing Cards [pre-order; release date: April 10, 2013]
  • Bicycle Skull Playing Cards [possible release date: August 1, 2013]
  • Bicycle Cherub Playing Cards [unknown so far]
  • Bicycle Nautic Back Playing Cards [unknown so far]
  • Rounders Playing Cards [unknown so far]


From “2013 [week 8] – Upcoming Decks”:

  1. Moonshine Playing Cards by Enigma Ltd released
  2. Takefu Playing Cards by Eric Duan should be released.
  3. Bicycle Truth Garden Playing Cards by Zhang Xiaowo should be released in China; will be available for international orders on 8th of March 2013 (8:00pm EST).

Bicycle Favole Playing Cards, Bicycle Club Tattoo Playing Cards, Bicycle Everyday Zombie Playing Cards, Bicycle Escape Deck scheduled



Ritual Playing Cards: Gold Edition by Elite Playing Cards

Pre-order: 26 of February 2013. (USPCC)

Ritual Gold! A very limited supply will be available. Want it? Pre-orders start on monday. If you wish to reserve yours sooner email us at support [at] and you’ll be added to the waiting list.” ~ Elite Playing Cards



Sultana Playing Cards by Deco Playing Cards

A new launch date on Kickstarter: ?. (USPCC)

Read more about this project here:



“The Door is Always Open” Playing Cards by Dark Horse

The scheduled release of this deck is 17th of April 2013. Pre-order.

Gary Baseman is a leader within an international cultural movement that includes both mainstream and underground art. The fun and zany artwork from his “The Door is Always Open” exhibition is featured on these colorful Gary Baseman The Door is Always Open Playing Cards. Read more… It will be priduced by Dark Horse (Mass EffectDragon Age IIGame of ThronesEmily the StrangeTim Burton Playing Cards).


Bicycle Skull Playing Cards by USPCC

Possible release date: 1st of August 2013.

Conjuring Arts released Bicycle Skull & Bones Decks with skulls incorporated in the backs of playing cards in 2012. As I heard that variation of back design is from USPCC archives (there is no mention of it in Collector’s Handbook by Mrs. Joe Robinson). All elements of Bicycle Skull & Bones playing cards with the exception of backs and tuck cases were standard (standard “Bicycle” court cards, number cards, aces and Jokers). As I understand USPCC decided to print its own run of playing cards with almost similar back design but with custom the Ace of Spades (see the picture).



Bicycle Cherub Playing Cards by USPCC

The release date is unknown so far.

As I understand USPCC decided to take their popular Cupid Rider (in this case it’s No.21 in Collector’s Handbook by Mrs. Joe Robinson), flower design element from the design “Motorcycle No.2” (No.52) and to cross them with new design elements to create a fresh back design. The Ace of Spades is planned to be custom (see the picture).

I can assume that a successful usage of purple (prevalent) colour in Aurum Playing Cards convinced USPCC of its popularity these days.



Bicycle Nautic Back Playing Cards by USPCC

The release date is unknown so far.

According to Collector’s Handbook by Mrs. Joe Robinson the design “Nautic” (No.55) was created in 1919. This design was used in other quality cards but issued only in colours red and blue under Bicycle brand. As I understand USPCC decided to breathe new life into this design and are going to print a Black&White version of it with subtle changes (the original design had the border). Also the Ace of Spades is planned to be custom with a part of the back design on it (see the picture).



Rounders Playing Cards by Ellusionist and Daniel Madison

The release date is unknown so far (the deck is printed by USPCC).

Daniel Madison is a modern English illusionist with an extensive biography. Due to his collaboration with Theory11 we can enjoy Players Playing Cards printed by USPCC in 2012. This (2013) year he decided to collaborate with Ellusionist and to release Rounders Playing Cards (will be printed by USPCC). As I see Daniel has his own naming style. Proceeding from his bio the word “rounder” should be familiar to him. I wonder if Daniel had seen “Rounders”.

rounders5rounders3rounders4 Special thanks to DelMagic on The Discourse for the most part of the Rounders Playing Cards photos.


This blog thanks undermentioned sources from the bottom of its soft heart for some of abovementioned information and pictures:


As it was categorically demanded from me by BMPokerworld I officially state that USPCC public promo pictures for Bicycle Skull, Cherub and Nautic Back were taken from his Facebook page.


Find more up to date information HERE


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