2013 [week 32] – Upcoming Decks

12 Aug
  • Bicycle Red Plastic Cup Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Table Talk Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Street Art Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Madison Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Peacock Playing Cards [released]
  • Republic No. 02 Playing Cards by Ellusionist [August 14th, 2013]
  • Playing Cards by SansMinds Magic [printed, will be publicly released soon]
  • Creepy Playing Cards by Johnny Whaam [probably on Kickstarter this week]
  • Blue Blood: Redux Edition by Uusi [planned to be on Kickstarter – August, 2013]
  • Great Whites Playing Cards by DMC [soon]


From “2013 [week 8] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Escape Map Deck – released.


From “2013 [week 9] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Skull Playing Cards – released.

Bicycle Cherub Playing Cards – scheduled.


From 2013 [week 11] – Upcoming Decks”:

Pr1me Noir Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 16] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Karnival Delirium Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 17] – Upcoming Decks”:

Domo Japanese Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 18] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards  released.


From “2013 [week 19] – Upcoming Decks”:

The Amazing Deck by Flim Flam Films, The Black Book of Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 21] – Upcoming Decks”:

Karnival Playing Cards: Gold Edition by BBM – released

Origins Playing Cards – new pictures


From “2013 [week 27] – Upcoming Decks”:

Playing Cards by Lucky Card Company – new pictures

Angry God Of Wealth Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 29] – Upcoming Decks”:

Winter Deck – postponed to September, 2013.



Bicycle Red Plastic Cup Playing Cards by USPCC

Produced by USPCC. Poker size. Bicycle standard faces. The Ace of Spades is custom.

Bicycle_Red_Plastic_Cup_Playing_Cards Bicycle_Red_Plastic_Cup_Playing_Cards_2


Bicycle Table Talk Playing Cards by USPCC

This deck utilizes typography to create a modern style and is available in Red or Blue. It features words associated with playing cards. Produced by USPCC. Poker size. Bicycle standard faces.



Bicycle Street Art Playing Cards by USPCC

The deck is designed by Aleix Gordo in the street art style. This style of art (also called urban art) relates to cities and city life and is inspired by urban lifestyle.

Aleix started 15 years ago drawing books and completing work for publishing companies. He has worked for press, publicity agencies and various national and international corporations including: Coca-Cola Light, Orange, Movistar, Camper or Buckler, Vans, Pepe Jeans and Panini comics.

Produced by USPCC. Poker size. Bicycle Stock and Air-Cushion finish. All cards are custom. In some way the deck can be classified as semi-transformation playing cards.

Bicycle_Street_Art_Playing_Cards_box Bicycle_Street_Art_Playing_Cards_Court_Cards Bicycle_Street_Art_Playing_Cards


Bicycle Madison Playing Cards by USPCC

This deck is inspired by Jonathan Adler and Vera Bradley artworks (décor) and eatures original artwork on the front and backs of the cards. Playing cards are available in Orange and Teal.  Produced by USPCC. Poker size.

Bicycle_Madison_Playing_Cards_box Bicycle_Madison_Playing_Cards_box2 Bicycle_Madison_Playing_Cards Bicycle_Madison_Playing_Cards_back


Bicycle Peacock Playing Cards by USPCC

This deck is available in purple and green with a repeating pattern of peacock feathers. Produced by USPCC. Poker size.

Bicycle_Peacock_Playing_Cards_box Bicycle_Peacock_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Spades Bicycle_Peacock_Playing_Cards Bicycle_Peacock_Playing_Cards_back


Republic No. 02 Playing Cards by Ellusionist

The deck will be released on August 14th, 2013.

Ellusionist decided to make some rebranding of its Sultan Republic playing card series. It will be printed by USPCC. Poker size.

Ellusionist_Republic_2_Playing_Cards Ellusionist_Republic_2_Playing_Cards_backs Ellusionist_Republic_2_Playing_Cards_pips


Playing Cards by SansMinds Magic

Playing cards were printed. Their public release date is unknown – soon.

SansMinds Magic is an Asian magic company. This is their custom deck of playing cards (maybe several editions). Printed by USPCC. Poker size.

Playing_Cards_by_Sans_Minds_box1 Playing_Cards_by_Sans_Minds_box3 Playing_Cards_by_Sans_Minds_back Playing_Cards_by_Sans_Minds_box2 Playing_Cards_by_Sans_Minds_2 Playing_Cards_by_Sans_Minds


Creepy Playing Cards by Johnny Whaam

It can be on Kickstarter this week.

Designed and illustrated by Johnny Whaam.

Poker Die single


Blue Blood: Redux Edition by Uusi 

The deck is planned to be on Kickstarter – ?. Uusi postpond their launch of the Blue Blood Redux deck until early next week.

Uusi is going to print their second edition of Blue Blood deck due to crazy people’s demand – Blue Blood Redux. It is planned to be printed by USPCC. Poker size.

There will be some new court cards –  a coup in the original heart suit, has seen the King overthrown by the original Jack of Hearts who truly makes for a unique and awesome suicide King.  His replacement in the ranks is another stealth assassin who helped with the royal overthrow and has a watchful eye on his rogue king.

There has also been a replacement in the Spade Court as well – a new Jack has risen to take the spot of a vanquished warrior. Stealth and far more dangerous than his comrade he is a lethal threat ready for battle.

Aside from the court changes, we added two new animals for the Ace of Diamond & Ace of Hearts cards.  There are other exciting new changes to the deck that we hope you will enjoy and that we feel make this version of the deck Blue Blood through and through!” ~ Uusi

Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_by_Uusi Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_by_Uusi_Jack_of_Spades


Great Whites Playing Cards by DMC

Drummond William Thomas Money-Coutts (nicknamed “DMC”) is an English magician and specialist card sharp. He released his first edition of playing card this year and is going to release the second one with more custome court cards. The deck will be printed by Cartamundi. Poker size.

Tuck case

Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_box_2 Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_box

The Ace of Spades


Kings (Drummond is depicted on the King of Diamonds card)

Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_Kings Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_King_of_Spades Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_King_of_Hearts Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_King_of_Clubs Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_King_of_Diamonds

The Queen of Hearts



Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_Joker Great_Whites_Playing_Cards_Joker_2


Find more up to date information HERE


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