Kickstarter: Blueblood Redux Playing Cards by Uusi

20 Aug

The 1st Edition of Blue Blood Playing Cards designed by Uusi (Bohemia, Royal Optik Playing Cards) became a collectable item. So they decided to produce the second edition in this series with some interesting changes. These changes make it interesting even for owners of the first edition. The deck is planned to be printed by USPCC.


The original Blue Blood deck quickly vanished into the fictitious mist and shadows that it came from shortly after its introduction over a year ago, but by popular demand the indigo monarchs of Blue Blood have returned!

They are a bit different this time around – their courts have seen some changes. A king has been dethroned, a Jack has fallen and other court drama has ensued. The pips and indices are now hand-drawn in our signature style. We have added our unique diptych cards to the deck – a look we first created for our Royal Optik deck back in the spring of 2013 – and two new Ace animals have been created for the Heart and Diamond suits that make Blueblood Redux blue through and through! ~ Uusi

The Spade Court is the suit of visionaries and philosophers. The Heart Court is the suit of passion. The Club Court is the suit of deception. The Diamond Court is the suit of reason and finance.

The deck:

  • 52 playing cards and two jokers – all with original, eye-catching artwork;
  • Two illustrated Uusi Design ad cards that form a diptych;
  • Its run planned to be no more than 5000 decks (print run size will be determined by demand and will be strictly limited);
  • Bicycle stock with an Air Cushion Finish;
  • Linen/embossed finish on tuck box;
  • Poker size.


You could pledge here: 

[FUNDED – 09/24/2013]

You can try to find this deck on Uusi’s site.

Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Jack_of_Spades Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Jack_of_Hearts Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Jack_of_Diamonds Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Queen_of_Clubs

New the Queen of Hearts


Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Spades Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_HeartsBlueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Diamonds



Blueblood Redux Signature Diptych Ad Card

Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Ad_Card Blueblood_Redux_Playing_Cards_Back


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