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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Anna Podedworna

These playing card artworks were created by a Polish artist, Anna Podedworna (akreon). The cards are interesting combinations of paintings and collages. So many intricate details have been incorporated into pips and bodies of court cards. Unfortunately, there are only three court cards… at this moment.

Fans of RPG games that are driving now the witcher Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) along the vast expanses of Kaer Morhen, No Man’s Land, Skellige, and White Orchard should also know that Anna is a concept artist at CD Projekt RED (Poland).

© Anna Podedworna 2014

Playing Cards by Anna Podedworna: The King of Hearts


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Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Quentin Vijoux

These playing card artworks were created by a French artist, Quentin Vijoux. He planned to create Tarot cards but didn’t have enough knowledge in the field of Tarot. So, the artist created several sketches of playing cards which are more common for traditional Anglo-French playing cards. These are quite vivid and funny. Quentin decided to change his direction of art for his real Tarot, so these will be only artworks… or…

© Quentin Vijoux 2012

The King of Clubs


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Bēhance: Retro Playing Cards by Sarah Stephens

Sarah Stephens is a Canadian artist. She had to design three sets of playing cards as part of a school project. Each set should have its own style: a retro set, a contemporary set and a futuristic set. Here you can see the retro set of Diamonds as the most practical example of her designs.

© Sarah Stephens 2014

Retro Playing Cards: Courts


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