Kickstarter: Bicycle geoDeck by Garrett Olin [GOdesign]

12 Mar

A simply designed deck of playing cards using a custom geometric grid. Funding will go to create the initial volume run (2,500 decks) of the cards as required by the United States Playing Card Company.


Recently I have had a design preoccupation with triangles.  As a design problem, I took on a deck of cards to see how basic the suits could be represented with a triangular grid.  The geoDeck is the result of this design charrette.  

The geoDeck is a simple deck.  White on the front, black on the back.  A triangular grid is superimposed on both sides and the card design is regulated to that grid.  Each suit is made up of a series of triangles to create the most simple form of each shape.” ~ Garrett Olin

You could pledge here: [Funding Unsuccessful]

This project will only be funded if at least $12,000 is pledged by Sunday May 5, 8:57pm EDT.


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