Playing Card Art Requests

Artists and designers can find art requests from different producers of playing cards or independent playing card projects on this page. You should use pointed contacts to connect with representatives of appropriate companies, organizations and independent projects.

I am not a part of these companies (organizations, independent projects) and I am not responsible for validity of these requests (propositions); cooperation between artists (designers) and companies (organizations, independent projects); acceptance of artworks (designs); financial and other relationships between these parties.


Zeixs-playing-cardsZeixs (Germany) is the fusion of online and print media – the portal for interactive Books for Designers. It was founded by the publishing house Feierabend Unique Books and the design agency 12ender in 2007. Zeixs is about all forms and fields of graphic design – from typography, illustration and photography to animation and industrial design. Their concept “Submit your works and we will include them in our books which are distributed all over the world”.

From time to time they organize artists from different parts of the world for creating a deck of playing cards as a collective art project. The process based on their concept and free competition. Artists submit their artworks to Zeixs and Zeixs selects final artworks among them for their deck.

Zeixs is working on their third deck of playing cards now (read about their second deck). And they are interested in collaboration with artists.

You can find them on Facebook or contact them via the e-mail.

Good luck, provide them with regards from this “Playing Cards + Art = Collecting” blog.

Custom52 is a Canadian site representing an online design community using playing cards as the canvas. These designers use playing cards to showcase their works. All artworks featured on the cards are entered by members – individual artists. They all are voted on and chosen by members of the community. Each deck of cards is referred to as a Cycle. The Cycle closes when enough designs are submitted. After that the public vote begins and the chosen design for each playing card goes to print. The top 5 designers should receive a free deck of cards.

You can be a part of the Custom 52 family by joining their community. The membership is free. As a member you can enter your designs, create a profile and make your comments on other card design submissions.

Custom52 is currently accepting design submissions for Cycle IV. You can read about Cycle II here and find their guidelines here.

Good luck, provide them with regards from this “Playing Cards + Art = Collecting” blog.

Digital Abstracts – Playing Arts

Playing-Arts-by-Digital-AbstractsDigital Abstracts (Barcelona, Spain) is an online platform which provides readers with a blend of design oriented content since 2000. They handpick and thoroughly edit their publications to deliver creativity and innovation through news, current trends, products, professional opinions, interviews, etc.

They managed their first playing card project in 2012. They gathered 54 different international artists under one “roof”. Each artist had to design one of the 54 cards in their distinct style and technique. As the result of their appropriate efforts, 54 different artworks were turned into playing cards and packed in one tuck case – Collective Art Project (CAP) deck, “Creative Cards”, was produced.

Their new playing card project was named “Playing Arts”. The new appealing name, but the old tested approach. And DA did it again. “Playing Arts” CAP deck #1 was produced and delivered to its backers. Luckily, Digital Abstracts happened to be inspired with the results of their efforts in the field of CAP decks and decided to go on with their playing card series “Playing Arts”.

They are in active search of talents for their second CAP deck – “Playing Arts” #2. You can try to take part in their playing card project. Submit your portfolio HERE.

Good luck, provide them with regards from this “Playing Cards + Art = Collecting” blog.

Murphy’s Magic – DESIGN-A-DECK 2015

Murphy's-Magic-LogoMurphy’s Magic (Sacramento, California. US) is the world’s largest magic product wholesaler, distributing over 10,000 different products through a global network of magic dealers. The company has a new 2015 “DESIGN-A-DECK” competition. They produced several decks of playing cards and decided to involve independent designers in the process. Their close relationship with the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) can help in smooth production of the deck.

Deadline: June 1st, 2015.

They need: 1) complete deck design (custom pips/court cards not necessary but should reflect the art work of the deck); 2) custom Jokers and Ace of Spades; 3) back design, tuck case and seal must be original; 4) mock-up promotional pictures are additional plus.

“We retain no rights to your design if it is not chosen and all submissions will remain confidential.” ~ Murphy’s Magic

They offer: 1) 2 000$ cash; 2) one gross (144 decks) of cards; 3) fastest turn around possible; 4) cinematography for a trailer courtesy of their studio; 5) collaboration with their creative team and artists; 6) worldwide distribution and recognition for the design.

In case of your interest, send your submissions and inquiries via the e-mail.

Good luck, provide them with regards from this “Playing Cards + Art = Collecting” blog.



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  1. christina

    03.11.2013 at 17:53

    Love this project! some amazing work…wish they’d each consider creating an entire deck.


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