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Fournier: España Imperial Playing Cards

España Imperial Playing Cards were printed by Fournier in 1983.

Playing cards were designed by Ricardo “Serney” Summers (Discovery and Colonisation of America Playing Cards). Backs were designed by Tapicerías Gancedo.

Modern Spain was originally composed of a number of independent kingdoms and it was not united until 1479 when both Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand ascended to their thrones. Their marriage in 1469 joined together the royal houses of the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of Aragon. Imperial Spain was born from this “Union of the Crowns”. These playing cards are dedicated to the period of the formation and develpment of the Imperial Spain, to main persons who played a historic part in this process.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 1 Joker + 1 ad card. Bridge size. The set consists of two decks with two different backs (different colours).


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Fournier: Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

These playing cards were printed by Fournier (Spain) in 2010. They are dedicated to Burton’s filming of the famous Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (pseudonym Lewis Carroll) was an English author who wrote the novel in 1865. Playing cards are among heroes of this novel. That is why it became quite popular for designing different custom decks (Nicole’s Alice in Wonderland deck, Bicycle The White Rabbit deck).

Timothy Walter “Tim” Burton is an American film director, film producer, artist, writer and animator. He has his own specific style of horror and fantasy movies. As a rule his films are full of dark, gothic, macabre and quirky elements. So Tim’s Alice in Wonderland (2010) happened to be a quite unique interpretation of the novel supported by Walt Disney Pictures and some other companies.

The deck: 52 different playing cards + 3 Jokers + 1 ad card. Poker size. Playing cards are printed on casino cardboard and have a smooth finish. The box has Fournier’s traditional design.



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Fournier: Crystal Time Playing Cards

These “Crystal Time” playing cards were printed by Fournier in 1994.

The deck designed by Violeta Monreal. The artist was born in Oviedo (Spain). She graduated in Fine Arts. She is an illustrator and an author of more than a hundred books. Violeta helped to U.N. in the illustration of various projects. Her books are continuously published in major Spanish publishers. Many of her books have been published also in the U.S., Japan, Korea, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece and in several Latin American countries. She also designed several tarot decks.


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Fournier: “Romance Espanol” Deck

“Romance Espanol” deck printed by Fournier (since 1951).
This deck designed by Carlos Saenz de Tejada.

d02472box2 d02472box

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Fournier: Toros Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards was printed by Fournier (Spain) in 1988. It was designed by Vinies.

These caricatural playing cards dedicated to famous toreros. A torero is a bullfighter and the main performer in bullfighting which is practised in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, France and various other countries influenced by Spanish culture. Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle in which one or more bulls are baited and then killed in a bullring for the entertainment of the audience.

In Spanish, the word torero describes any of the performers who actively participate in the bullfight. The main performer is the leader of an entourage and the one who kills the bull, being addressed as maestro (master) and his formal title is matador de toros (killer of bulls). But the word “matador” by itself is not used in Spanish. The term torero encompasses all who fight the bull in the ring (picadores and rejoneadores). 

Playing cards dedicated to bullfighting and toreros are quite popular in Spain. Traditionally many Spanish playing cards have Spanish Pattern or its variations. As bullfighting is quite brutal entertainment playing cards dedicated to it are often designed in comic (caricatural) style to reduce that feeling of brutality.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers + ad card.

Dimension of playing cards: 62×88 mm – 2,44×3,46 in [standard poker size: 2.5×3.5 in – 64×89 mm]

d08351a01 d08351r01

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