Fournier: Toros Playing Cards

12 Mar

This deck of playing cards was printed by Fournier (Spain) in 1988. It was designed by Vinies.

These caricatural playing cards dedicated to famous toreros. A torero is a bullfighter and the main performer in bullfighting which is practised in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, France and various other countries influenced by Spanish culture. Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle in which one or more bulls are baited and then killed in a bullring for the entertainment of the audience.

In Spanish, the word torero describes any of the performers who actively participate in the bullfight. The main performer is the leader of an entourage and the one who kills the bull, being addressed as maestro (master) and his formal title is matador de toros (killer of bulls). But the word “matador” by itself is not used in Spanish. The term torero encompasses all who fight the bull in the ring (picadores and rejoneadores). 

Playing cards dedicated to bullfighting and toreros are quite popular in Spain. Traditionally many Spanish playing cards have Spanish Pattern or its variations. As bullfighting is quite brutal entertainment playing cards dedicated to it are often designed in comic (caricatural) style to reduce that feeling of brutality.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers + ad card.

Dimension of playing cards: 62×88 mm – 2,44×3,46 in [standard poker size: 2.5×3.5 in – 64×89 mm]

d08351a01 d08351r01

The Ace of Spades (Swords) – Paco Camino


The 2 of Spades (Swords) – Antonio Jose Galan

The 3 of Spades (Swords) – Jose Ortega Cano

d08351s2 d08351s3

The 4 of Spades (Swords) – Lucio Sandin

The 5 of Spades (Swords) – “Paquirri”

d08351s4 d08351s5

The 6 of Spades (Swords) – Manolo Cortes

The 7 of Spades (Swords) – Jose Antonio Campuzano

d08351s6 d08351s7

The 8 of Spades (Swords) – Jose Luis Palomar

The 9 of Spades (Swords) – Pepe Caceres

d08351s8 d08351s9

The 10 of Spades (Swords) – Rafi Camino

The Jack of Spades (Swords) – “El Soro”

d08351s10 d08351sJ

The Queen of Spades (Swords) – Angel Peralta

The King of Spades (Swords) – Corro Romero

d08351sQ d08351sK

The Ace of Hearts (Wines) – “El Cordobes”


The 2 of Hearts (Wines) – “ManiI I”

The 3 of Hearts (Wines) – “Yiyo”

d08351h2 d08351h3

The 4 of Hearts (Wines) – Curro Vazques

The 5 of Hearts (Wines) – Jose Maria Manzanares

d08351h4 d08351h5

The 6 of Hearts (Wines) – “Miguelin”

The 7 of Hearts (Wines) – Julio Robles

d08351h6 d08351h7

The 8 of Hearts (Wines) – Andres Vazquez

The 9 of Hearts (Wines) – “Armillita”

d08351h8 d08351h9

The 10 of Hearts (Wines) – “Joselito”

The Jack of Hearts (Wines) – Victor Mendes

d08351h10 d08351hJ

The Queen of Hearts (Wines) – Joao Moura

The King of Hearts (Wines) – “Antoñete”

d08351hQ d08351hK

The Ace of Clubs (Banderillas) – Diego Puerta


The 2 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Damaso Gomez

The 3 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Espartaco

d08351c2 d08351c3

The 4 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Roberto Dominguez

The 5 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Niño de La Capea

d08351c4 d08351c5

The 6 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Galloso

The 7 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Emilio Oliva

d08351c6 d08351c7

The 8 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Tomas Campuzano

The 9 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Morenito de Maracay

d08351c8 d08351c9

The 10 of Clubs (Banderillas) – Fernando Cepeda

The Jack of Clubs (Banderillas) – Paco Alcalde

d08351c10 d08351cJ

The Queen of Clubs (Banderillas) – Manuel Vidrie

The King of Clubs (Banderillas) – Rafael de Paula

d08351cQ d08351cK

The Ace of Diamonds (Coins) – “El Viti”


The 2 of Diamonds (Coins) – Pepe Luis Vargas

The 3 of Diamonds (Coins) – Paco Ojeda

d08351d2 d08351d3

The 4 of Diamonds (Coins) – Joaquin Bernado

The 5 of Diamonds (Coins) – Palomo Linares

d08351d4 d08351d5

The 6 of Diamonds (Coins) – Angel Teruel

The 7 of Diamonds (Coins) – Damaso Gonzalez

d08351d6 d08351d7

The 8 of Diamonds (Coins) – Ruiz Miguel

The 9 of Diamonds (Coins) – Manolo Martinez

d08351d8 d08351d9

The 10 of Diamonds (Coins) – “Litri”

The Jack of Diamonds (Coins) – Luis Francisco Espla

d08351d10 d08351dJ

The Queen of Diamonds (Coins) – Alvaro Domecq

The King of Diamonds (Coins) – Manolo Vazquez

d08351dQ d08351dK

Joker 1 – Manolo Chopera

Joker 2 – Pedro Balaña

d08351j01 d08351j02


This blog thanks Manuel Gámez and World Web Playing Card Museum from the bottom of its soft heart for the pictures of these playing cards and some information about them.


See other playing cards printed by Fournier (Category: “Fournier”).



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4 responses to “Fournier: Toros Playing Cards

  1. Antony

    31.01.2017 at 19:40

    Hi. Does anyone know where I might be bale to buy this pack?

  2. Max

    12.03.2013 at 10:53

    There are a lot of Toreros decks by Fournier (and others) but I never saw this before. It is funny!

    • Collector

      12.03.2013 at 15:04

      I agree. These are nice caricatural playing cards.
      Fournier is one of the best playing card companies and it made a lot of beautiful decks.
      I am sorry that it doesn’t print a lot of new decks (or at least reprints).
      I am glad to see you first comment here.


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