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I am a playing card collector (nickname – “Collector”). This site came into being February 3, 2013 (all earlier posts are converted from my Tumblr blog). I am its author, manager and owner.

The blog is the main part of the It is dedicated to notes (sometimes articles) about playing cards and art for collectors and all interested (artists, producers, curious persons, etc.). Its name “PLAYING CARDS + ART = COLLECTING” reflects its specificity. I write about playing card art (design), art inspired by playing cards and of course about playing cards. Also I share interesting information with my readers about art requests regarding different playing card projects and about unique/rare decks of playing cards.

I try to find the most uncommon artworks on playing cards having traditional Spades (♠), Hearts (♥), Clubs (♣) and Diamonds (♦) suits and to write about them. But I like classic decks as well. And in case of amazing artworks there are all chances to deviate from the canons. I try to write about different playing card designs and to be objective. But as any normal person who enjoys his hobby, in the end of the day, I understand that at best I am “subjectively” objective.

The site has also a lot of pages dedicated to different aspects of playing card collecting (read below). They are full of interesting information, and supplement the “PLAYING CARDS + ART = COLLECTING” blog.

Welcome on the pages of my site (and on other social media resources). It’ll be interesting, I promise.



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The hashtags for site and its “PLAYING CARDS + ART = COLLECTING” blog are #PCACblog and #PCCnetB


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curiosity killed the cat“… “but, satisfaction brought it back

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Hunting Ground – leads to the page and several its sub-pages with information about different playing card giveaways and contests; weekly information about upcoming decks of playing cards from different producers; different virtual places proposing interesting playing cards;

Blog’s Database – leads to the structure of the blog’s database composed of special site’s sub-pages and blog’s streams: Glossary, Interesting Facts, Playing Card Art, Printed Decks, Playing Cards in Art (Playing Cards and Art), Index of Reviewed Decks, etc.;

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All printed decks mentioned on this blog are included in the generalized “Deck of Playing Cards” category regardless of their other possible categories (for example, “USPCC“, “Fournier“, “Cartamundi“, “Piatnik“, etc.). You can choose this category from the appropriate drop down list on the sidebar (Item 5) or by clicking its name in “Main Categories” widget (see the picture).

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