This Blog about This Blog: 3d Month on WordPress

04 May

So three months flew by quickly. Yes, “Playing Cards + Art = Collecting” blog already exists for three months. It is a short period of time, actually, but it does not mean it is unimportant. So many things have happened since the first month of this blog on WordPress. And I think it is time to sum up some things again.

People have not lost their interest in this blog. The blog had its first 10,000 visits in mid March, 2013. And as of today the blog has been interesting for readers more than 29,000 times. Yes, more than 29,000 times.

People visit this blog each day. It’s pleasant to see such constant interest in it. March 30, 2013 was the hottest day – almost 800 visits (unfortunately several people got lost on Google and was not able to visit this blog that day… but they did it the next one 😉 ).

What is even more inspiring is that it has been (and I hope is and will be) interesting for people from completely different parts of the Earth. It is unbelievable and amazing at the same time! Also it is really nice that this blog continues to find new friends from around the globe each month of its existence. At this moment this blog has been visited by readers from such places of the world (in alphabetical order):


*** Please note that I used flags and names as they are given by the internal statistics of WordPress. So I am sorry for any possible discrepancy with official flag or name. As I understand the statistics of WordPress operates only with places which have their own ccTLD. It does not operate with human settlements.

My inquisitive readers, thank you for your interest. I am pleased to see that my blog is interesting for people from different parts of the Earth. One of the main aims of this blog is to be interesting, informative and useful (maybe even helpful) for its readers no matter whether they are interested in playing cards, art or just happened to be at the party. So I guess it copes with its task. 

Note that almost all posts on this blog have their own category or several categories. The system of special categories should help you to find interesting information in older posts on this blog. I added links to some main categories in the end of almost all posts on this blog to make it more comfortable for you to look over them. Also you can choose all categories without exception in the special tab on the sidebar of this blog.


You can always read more about this blog on the “ABOUT ME” page.


Also you can always find interesting information on the “USEFUL INFORMATION” page…


…as well as on its sub-pages. For example, about: some sales and discounts (concerning playing cards); main on-line databases dedicated to playing cards; some subjectively chosen Kickstarter playing card projects which are active or were successfully funded (all other interesting Kickstarter playing card projects you can find in posts on this blog); about other interesting things.

I hope to see people on this blog again and again. And remember you can always invite your friends on this blog, share this blog on social media networks and resources, comment in a respectful manner posts on it or rate playing card projects mentioned in posts.

You can like the blog on its Facebook page and follow it on other social media networks.

Dear readers, thank you for your curiosity.

Dear artists, thank you for your talent.

Dear producers, thank you for your efforts.

Remember that all those things add life to this blog.



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One response to “This Blog about This Blog: 3d Month on WordPress

  1. Max

    05.05.2013 at 20:28

    Congratulations Collector! You deserve it!


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