Abraxas Playing Cards

03 May

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Abraxas Webshop is the online store of Abraxas Souvenirs, established in Amsterdam in 2004. The company produced a deck of playing cards to celebrate its 20 Year Anniversary.

Playing cards designed by Katrin Broekmuller. Hand-drawn designs and images have replaced the standard card figures, jokers and aces. There are two editions of the deck: Deluxe – the set includes 2 decks of cards in a customized hard-carton box; Light – in a single box.



Light Edition Box


The Deck:

  • All designs (pips) & figures originally hand-drawn
  • Set contains 2 decks of cards (2 x 55 playing cards – incl. jokers)
  • Cards size: 58 x 88mm
  • High quality carton (320g) with in between layer and protective coating
  • Full color printing on both sides


Abraxas_Playing_Cards_The_Ace_of_Spades Abraxas_Playing_Cards_Ace


Abraxas_Playing_Cards_King Abraxas_Playing_Cards_King_2


Abraxas_Playing_Cards_Queen Abraxas_Playing_Cards_Queen_2


Abraxas_Playing_Cards_Jack Abraxas_Playing_Cards_Jack_2

Number Cards

Abraxas_Playing_Cards_Ten Abraxas_Playing_Cards_6_7_8_9 Abraxas_Playing_Cards_2_3_4_5

Jokers + Ad Card




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