Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Brian Ewing

03 May

The Queen of Hearts (Suicide Queen) and The King of Hearts (Suicide King) were designed by Brian Ewing for some show at the Get Up Gallery that opened in Las Vegas. Both are available as posters.


Brian_Ewing_Suicide_Queen_1 Brian_Ewing_Suicide_King_1

The Queen of Hearts

Brian_Ewing_Suicide_Queen Brian_Ewing_Suicide_Queen_2 Brian_Ewing_Suicide_Queen_1Brian_Ewing_Suicide_Queen_3  Brian_Ewing_Suicide_Queen_4

The King of Hearts

Brian_Ewing_Suicide_King Brian_Ewing_Suicide_King_2 Brian_Ewing_Suicide_King_1 Brian_Ewing_Suicide_King_3 Brian_Ewing_Suicide_King_4


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