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Abraxas Playing Cards

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This post is no way an advertisement of smoking or drugs.

Abraxas Webshop is the online store of Abraxas Souvenirs, established in Amsterdam in 2004. The company produced a deck of playing cards to celebrate its 20 Year Anniversary.

Playing cards designed by Katrin Broekmuller. Hand-drawn designs and images have replaced the standard card figures, jokers and aces. There are two editions of the deck: Deluxe – the set includes 2 decks of cards in a customized hard-carton box; Light – in a single box.


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Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Brian Ewing

The Queen of Hearts (Suicide Queen) and The King of Hearts (Suicide King) were designed by Brian Ewing for some show at the Get Up Gallery that opened in Las Vegas. Both are available as posters.


Brian_Ewing_Suicide_Queen_1 Brian_Ewing_Suicide_King_1

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DeviantART: Tattoo Playing Cards by MissAcidDoll

These Tattoo Playing Cards were designed by the Italian artist, Ester (MissAcidDoll). Enjoy these “tattooed” playing cards.

The Ace of Spades


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DeviantART: Catwoman Playing Cards by Anya Uribe

A Mexican artist, Anya Uribe (AnyaUribe), decided to play with a superheroine from DC Comics Univers, Catwoman. She created different appearances for her, and depicted them on a set of playing cards. These are only artworks… creative and funny artworks 🙂

Catwoman is a fictional character from DC Comics Univers. She is nominally a supervillainess, known for having a complex love-hate relationship with Batman. The character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, partially inspired by Kane’s cousin, Ruth Steel, as well as actress Jean Harlow.

© AnyaUribe (Anya Uribe) 2010

Catwoman Playing Cards



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