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Kickstarter: Bicycle Instruments of War Playing Cards by Jacob Bear

Bicycle Instruments of War Deck is designed by Jacob Bear and Bear Claw Studios. The deck dedicated to comics figures. 56 different cards – even number cards have artworks. It’s planned to be printed by the USPCC.

New Box


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Playing Card Art: The Queen of Hearts by Roger Xavier

The Queen of Hearts designed by Roger Xavier. [© Roger Xavier]



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Bēhance: Balloon a Palooza Kids Playing Cards by Kelly Marie

Balloon a Palooza Kids Semi-Transformation Playing Cards were designed by Kelly Marie in 2007. She created a deck of cards with a whimsical theme. A pack full of funny and childish characters is for those who remember their childhood. Unfortunately, these pieces of art haven’t been produced as a pack of real playing cards.

© Kelly Marie 2007 


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Typographic Playing Cards: Mathematical Playing Cards by Wolfram Research, Inc.

These playing cards are unusual and even unique. I classified them as “typographic” but it is a conditional classification. As a rule typographic playing cards mean playing cards with pictures on them composed of letters and numbers of a specific font (Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, etc.). These playing cards are not concentrated on letters and a specific font. They are focused on mathematics and numbers.


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