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Bēhance: Playing Cards by Monica Lee

Monica Lee, an American artist, designed this set of Spades playing card artworks as her class work in 2013. The project worked with watercolor and gouache on panel. She decided to turn shape of playing card suit into the imaginary vegetation of garden, where the Jack should be a gardener, the Queen should be a madam, and the King should be a child living in the house of the garden.

The final design is a set of pleasant semi-transformation playing cards.

© Monica Lee 2013

Semi-Transformation playing cards by Monica Lee: The Five of Spades


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Playing Card Art: Semi-Transformation Playing Cards by Patrik Svensson

Patrik Svensson is an illustrator working with clients worldwide from his studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has created artworks for Starbucks, IKEA, Sony Music, etc. These playing card artworks are his set of semi-transformation courts for a deck of playing cards. I decided to omit the King of Hearts, Casanova, because I don’t think that a pornographic element is nice for this set.

© Patrik Svensson 2014

Semi-Transformation Playing Cards by Patrik Svensson: The Jack of Spades


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Bēhance: Four Horses Playing Cards by Kerri Cordeiro

These playing card artworks are designed by an American artist, Kerri Cordeiro. She created artworks for a full poker deck. Courts feature silhouettes of horses. Horses in queen cards have signs of femininity. The name of these playing cards forces to think that all four jacks, queens and kings should be different. Unfortunately, Kerri hasn’t revealed all court cards.

The strongest part of this pack of playing card artworks is number cards. It’s hard to say how logically enough they are connected with horses, but they are nice semi-transformation playing cards represented by beautiful plants (branches of trees). Unfortunately, the plants don’t have anything common with grass, hay or grains – natural food for horses. So, a “dietetic” connection doesn’t work. But it could. Horses are herbivores and have a unique digestive system which requires a high-fiber diet that is consumed in small amounts over a long time. That’s why they actually spend most of their time eating. Maybe we should accept those plants as some symbolic food for horses.

This is her second pack of playing card artworks. The first one, Monogrammed Playing Cards (now she names it Cocktail playing cards), has been already featured on pages of this site.

© Kerri Cordeiro 2014

Four Horses Playing Cards by Kerri Cordeiro


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2015 [week 3] – Upcoming Decks

  1. Icons Playing Cards: The Imperial Edition by Lotrek [on Kickstarter – January 20th, 2015]
  2. Bicycle Anne Stokes Steampunk Playing Cards [January-February, 2015]
  3. Bicycle 130th Anniversary Deck [January-February, 2015]
  4. Gettysburg Civil Unrest Playing Cards by RJ Tomlinson [on Kickstarter in January, 2015]
  5. № 17th Playing Cards v. 02 by Stockholm17 Playing Cards [on Kickstarter – February 17th, 2015]
  6. De’vo’s Signature Series “Card Masters” [February, 2015]
  7. Delicious Semi-Transformation Playing Cards by Emmanuel José [on Kickstarter in February-March, 2015]
  8. Sport [no final name] Semi-Transformation Playing Cards [unknown]

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Playing Card Art: “An Ace in the Pack” Playing Cards by Lesley Barnes

An Ace in the Pack is a personal project of the Scottish artist Lesley Barnes. She is designing a pack of illustrated semi-transformation playing cards which tell the story of four warring clans – the Spades, the Hearts, the Clubs and the Diamonds. Absolutely amazing, vivid and individual style.

© Lesley Barnes


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