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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Kayla Selwyn

Playing cards designed by the American artist, Kayla Selwyn (MahoHaku). She prepared these playing cards for her school project. But then she decided to make the whole deck of playing cards. So this is a project in work. Playing cards are based on Carnival comic characters of the artist.

 © Kayla Selwyn (MahoHaku)

Joker – Demon


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DeviantART: Semi-Transformation Playing Cards by Haley Penca

Semi-Transformation playing cards designed by the American artist, Haley Penca (AquaAngelus). She was inspired by 60s.

© Haley Penca (AquaAngelus)

The Ace of Hearts + The Ten of Hearts


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DeviantART: The Five of Diamonds by Tara Williamson

The Five of Diamonds designed by the Canadian artist, Tara Williamson (merlot). This is an interesting semi-transformation playing card.

© Tara Williamson (merlot)







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Playing Card Art: Pin-Up Semi-Transformation Playing Cards by Kat Manderfield

Several Pin-Up Semi-Transformation playing cards designed by Kat Manderfield. Nice ladies from different places… even worlds.

© Kat Manderfield


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Playing Card Art: Semi-Transformation Playing Cards by Massimo Carelli

Italian artist Massimo Carelli are working on Semi-Transformation Deck. Court cards have some vintage aesthetics of 14-17 centures, while number cards are a mixture of old and modern centures.

© Massimo Carelli

The Ace of Spades


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Bēhance: Balloon a Palooza Kids Playing Cards by Kelly Marie

Balloon a Palooza Kids Semi-Transformation Playing Cards were designed by Kelly Marie in 2007. She created a deck of cards with a whimsical theme. A pack full of funny and childish characters is for those who remember their childhood. Unfortunately, these pieces of art haven’t been produced as a pack of real playing cards.

© Kelly Marie 2007 


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Playing Card Art: Astrobotanica Playing Cards by 14

14 (nickname of the artist) designs her deck of playing cards and a book based on her Botany in Wonderland project. The Botany in Wonderland series is inspired by hidden worlds, beings and species that might be found thriving in parallel universes. The name of the upcoming deck is “Astrobotanica Playing Cards”. Enjoy the incredible Botany world of semi-transformation playing cards.

© 2013 

The Ace of Spades


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