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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Felix-leg

A Polish artist, Felix-leg (nickname), designed the Two of Hearts devoted to dragons. The result has some connection with semi-transformation motives. Love is common for all creatures… even for mythical ones.

“Love is friendship that has caught fire…” ~ Ann Landers*

© Felix-leg 2012

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Bēhance: Playing Cards by Pedro Molina

The Five of Spades designed by the Mexican artist Pedro Molina. © 2011 Pedro Molina



See other playing card projects on Bēhance (Category: “Bēhance”).



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Bēhance: Legends and Playing Cards by Anna Bucciarelli

Playing cards are designed by the Canadian artist Anna Bucciarelli. She dedicated them to her favorite Greek myths. © 2013 Anna Bucciarelli

All pictures are clickable

The Two of Diamonds – Nemesis (Fortune and Retribution)

In Greek mythology, Nemesis is the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to arrogance. The word originally meant “the distributor of fortune”, neither good nor bad. According to some legends, Nemesis produced the egg from which hatched two sets of twins, including Helen of Troy.” ~ Anna


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Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Kristian Olson

Kristian Olson is an American illustrator, designer and fine artist living in Los Angeles, California. He has unusual and exuberant style based on years of experimentation with both digital and traditional media. These are several Olson’s artworks inspired by playing cards. Some of his artworks were included in Ultimate Deck by Stranger and Stranger.

© Kristian Olson

The Five of Diamonds (clickable)


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DeviantART: The Five of Diamonds by Tara Williamson

The Five of Diamonds designed by the Canadian artist, Tara Williamson (merlot). This is an interesting semi-transformation playing card.

© Tara Williamson (merlot)







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