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Bēhance: Gill Sans Typographic Playing Cards by Steve Abercrombie

Steve Abercrombie, an American artist, designed these Gill Sans Typographic Playing Cards as a project for SCAD’s (Savannah College of Art and Design) typography course.  The task was to create a full set of playing cards based on a specific typeface – classic type of typographic playing cards. Steve used Gill Sans typeface. Playing cards weren’t produced.

© Steve Abercrombie 2014

Gill Sans Typographic Playing Cards: Tuck Case


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Bēhance: Typographic Playing Cards by Ashlyn Hicks

These typographic playing cards were designed by an American artist, Ashlyn Hicks. The typeface isn’t specified. These playing cards have interesting faces, but without suits they are also too innovative – read unpractical. The faces of suits are the same. Playing cards weren’t produced.

© 2013 Ashlyn Hicks

Typographic Playing Cards by Ashlyn Hicks: Spades


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Playing Card Art: Typographic Playing Cards by Julianna Sparrow

Typographic playing cards designed by Julianna Sparrow. She chose Bernhard Modern typeface for these typographic playing cards because of the beautiful forms of the numbers, and the appealing stroke contrast.The colors are loosely based on those of Lucian Bernhard’s plakatstil Priester poster. © Julianna Sparrow


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Bēhance: Typographic Playing Cards by Macey Waddington

Typographic playing cards designed by the American artist Macey Waddington. These playing cards were created using only the numbers and letters from the Baskerville typeface. Appropriate letters were used for court cards. All number cards has appropriate numbers on them. © 2013 Macey Waddington



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Bēhance: Mythical Playing Cards by Megan Pittam

Mythical playing cards (project) were designed by the American artist Megan Pittam. The deck is made completely out of the Baskerville typeface. Each face card displays a mythical character taken from commonly known myths originating from different cultures or pop cultures. Faces of all court cards and aces are the same.

© 2013 Megan Pittam


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