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This page is for some interesting and useful links dedicated to playing cards and its collecting. Forums, organizations, clubs, societies (associations) and communities devoted to playing card collecting can appear on this page. subjectively selects links for this page and isn’t responsible for any content people can reach by clicking the links. 



The Playing Card Collectors Community (P3C) on Google+

Playing-Card-Collectors-Community-on-GoogleThis community was created for playing card collectors on Google+. Its main idea is to provide them with an organized place for comfortable thematic communications and information sharing. Meanwhile, P3C is always open for anyone interested in playing cards and can be used as an information source. P3C is concentrated on classic playing cards and do not touch on Tarots or other cards from board & card games (Magic the Gathering, etc.). This community is divided into different thematic sections and has its own rules binding upon its members.


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Australian Playing Card Collectors Society

Australian-Playing-Card-Collectors-SocietyThe Australian Playing Card Collectors Society caters for the extensive variety of categories that are collected by members, many of which are now available in a large range of catalogues which have been produced by card collectors around the world to assist collectors and their never ending search for that elusive “gem”.

APCCS promotes a friendly spirit of mutual help for visitors and members alike. Its activities include production of a newsletter on a quarterly basis, regular auctions at meetings, and the introduction of new cards and the occasional collection are made available as soon as they are obtained. APCCS has an extensive library for the use of members which covers many categories of playing card collecting.

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The International Playing-Card Society

International-Playing-Card-SocietyThe International Playing-Card Society (IPCS) was founded in 1972 to bring together people, in a variety of countries, who have a common interest in the collecting of playing cards and card games, with the object of sharing research and knowledge. The Society has members in many countries around the world and has inspired the establishment of local societies, which it works closely with, including staging “joint Conventions” in that country.

The International Playing-Card Society holds Conventions annually in the autumn, the venue usually being located in Europe or America.

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Asociacion Española de Coleccionismo e Investigacion del Naipe

(The Spanish Association of Playing Card Collectors and Researchers)

ASESCOINThe Spanish Association of Playing Card Collectors and Researchers (ASESCOIN) was founded in Madrid, in late 1988. But its real activity started in 1989. ASESCOIN published el Catálogo de Naipes Españoles Modernos (Catalog of Modern Spanish Playing Cards), its first journal, that year. Also it produced the first Annual Deck and celebrated the first meeting of ASESCOIN’s General Assembly.

ASESCOIN publishes the journal “La Sota” (“The Knave”) with articles on the study of the history of cards and world news about them, including the latest card novelties. Each year ASESCOIN produces a special numbered pack of cards for its members, which is given to them at the Annual Meeting. It holds its regular member meetings every 2-3 months.

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Association des collectionneurs de cartes а jouer et tarots

(French Association of Collectors of Playing Cards and Tarots)

Association-des-collectionneurs-de-cartes-а-jouer-et-tarotsThe Association of Collectors of Playing Cards and Tarots (L’ACCART) is a non-profit organization that unites hundreds of French playing card collectors, historians, museum representatives, artists and designers sharing the passion for playing card collecting, playing cards and their history. It was established in 1978. The association closely collaborates with the French Museum of Playing Cards, d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, in development of its annual plans and programs.

L’ACCART distributes a quarterly journal “L’As de trèfle” (The Ace of Clubs). The association provides its members with ability to exchange collectibles, share information about playing cards and learn something new about decks.

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Talon – Osztrák-Magyar Játékkártya Egyesület

(Austrian and Hungarian Playing Card Association)

Talon-Austrian-Hungarian-Playing-Card-AssociationTalon (Vienna and Budapest) was founded by Austrian and Hungarian members of the International Playing Card Society (IPCS) in 1992. It has about 70-75 people in the membership, which is made up of card manufacturers, card museums, researchers and representatives of other national card companies and collectors. Main objectives of Talon are: a) to promote playing card collecting; b) playing card research and publications of the results; c) communications between playing card collectors and appropriate information exchange.

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52 Plus Joker Club

52-Plus-Joker-ClubOriginally formed to cater to the interests of collectors of American antique playing card decks, 52 Plus Joker has long since broadened the scope of the club to include the collecting of playing cards and related items of all sorts, and from around the world. 52 Plus Joker was formed in 1985 to facilitate: a) the collection and trading of antique and collectible playing cards and related items; b) the advancement of knowledge about the history, manufacture and artistic aspect of playing cards; c) the promotion of fellowship among members with similar interests.

52 Plus Joker’s official newsletter, Clear the Decks (“CTD”), is published quarterly. It is a 24-page bulletin with a colored cover and black & white pages.

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Melbourne Playing Card Collectors Inc.

Melbourne-Playing-Card-Collectors-IncThe Melbourne Playing Card Collectors Inc. (MPCC) is a not-for-profit organization for the collectors of playing cards, comprising over 100 members in Australia and overseas. MPCC is managed totally by volunteers and has affiliations with other playing card collector groups worldwide. It was established in 1971. MPCC’s objects are: a) to promote the collection of playing cards and associated articles as a hobby; b) to promote social contact between members for the greater enjoyment of their hobby; c) engage in other activities designed to stimulate and maintain interest in the history and hobby of collecting playing cards.

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Playing-Card-Forums  –  A Discourse for Playing Cards

Discuss and learn about everything related to playing cards.Talk about decks, magic, cardistry and more. Join the community and explore the fascinating hobby of card collecting. This forum is dedicated to different playing cards from all over the world.

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The forum for cardistry, magic, classic or custom decks and everything connected with playing cards, sponsored by Mike Ratledge and ‘Friends of UC’.

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Reina de Oros (Queen of Diamonds)

Reina de Oros (former forum is the main active Spanish forum devoted to playing cards. It is managed by independent group of Spanish enthusiast, and provides collectors, magicians, cardists, and card players with a virtual platform to share experience, ideas, knowledge, and thoughts about playing cards (Anglo-French, Spanish, etc.). The variety of its sections covers the latest deck releases, information about upcoming decks, news from playing card companies and playing card designers, crowdfunding projects, sell and trade issues, etc. It makes this forum a real mecca for any Spanish-speaking playing card lover.

Language: Spanish                                                                                                    ♠♥♣♦ Link ♠♥♣♦




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