Playing Card Collections

The aim of this page is to gather all interesting on-line collections of playing cards. Here you can find links to substantial or specific collections which propose interesting information (first of all visual) about playing cards and are not just promotional parts of commercial projects. These collections are not subjectively attributed to playing card databases due to their scale or content. In many cases, these are well structured collections of pictures of playing cards with minimum text.


Manuel Gámez’s Private Playing Card Collection

This collection can easily have a database status. It is on this page just because its owner determines his site as “private collection”. This playing card collection began long time ago, with the Europa’s deck that was given to M. Gámez by his wife Berta Mejías. The collection includes more than 3000 decks classified by their country of origin.

Language: English and Spanish                                 ♠♥♣♦ Link ♠♥♣♦


adniL’s Playing Card Collection

I should think adniL is a pen name of the woman who created the web page with this playing card collection. She says that her mom started collecting playing cards around the time her family went to Italy for a year in 1958. The whole collection has suddenly come into her possession and she thought it would be fun to share this on the web with anyone who cares.

The page has mixed classification of decks. Some decks are grouped by countries; some decks are grouped by types or themes. Each deck has a separate subpage with pictures of all card faces and sometimes a short annotation to it.

Anyone who knows more about a deck can e-mail adniL and share such information with her. She promises to add it to appropriate subpages.

Language: English                                                     ♠♥♣♦ Link ♠♥♣♦


Nigel’s Playing Cards

Nigel is the playing card collector who manages two sites on Google dedicated to: a) transformation and caricature playing cards; b) political themed playing cards.

The first site has a list of transformation playing cards from his collection with short annotations and several pictures. And there is several caricature decks mentioned on it as well.

The second site has a list of political themed playing cards from his collection without any annotations but with slides covering all faces of playing cards. Decks are grouped by country.

Language: English                                                     ♠♥♣♦ Link1 ♠♥♣♦ Link2 ♠♥♣♦


Bob Lancaster’s Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards

This is an archive copy of Bob Lancaster’s gallery of unusual playing cards which has separate pictures from a big variety of playing cards. You can get a general idea about all featured decks.

Language: English                                                     ♠♥♣♦ Link ♠♥♣♦


Athena’s Playing Card Collection

This is Athena’s collection of Airline decks. You can find some information about appropriate playing cards (name, size, pictures of backs, Jokers and the Aces of Spades).

Language: English                                                     ♠♥♣♦ Link ♠♥♣♦


Mentalink’s Playing Card Collection

I should think Mentalink is a pen name of French playing card collector managing his page dedicated to playing cards. You can find separate photos of different decks from his collection on this page.

Language: French (English)                                      ♠♥♣♦ Link ♠♥♣♦


Spielkarten24 – Playing Cards

This is the site of German collector whose hobby is collecting historical playing cards. Also he says that he is a big fan of the SKAT (the most famous card game in Germany).  So, the site is dedicated to the following topics: a) history of the SKAT (German card game); b) information about ancient playing cards; c) links to subjects connected with different playing cards and SKAT; d) information about card makers.

Language: German                                                   ♠♥♣♦ Link ♠♥♣♦




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