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USPCC: Discoverie Deck by Vanishing Inc. Magic and BBM

Big-Blind-Media-LogoThis article I want to dedicate to the result of collaboration between Vanishing Inc. Magic and Big Blind Media – Discoverie Deck [find it here or here]. There were several articles dedicated to BBM’s playing cards on pages of this site. But Vanishing Inc. Magic is a new guest on the site.


Founded by Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin, Vanishing Inc. Magic is a magic website that presents different goods related to magic (magic tutorials, books, video lessons, small magic things, playing cards, etc.). These guys make use of their experience to select interesting magic products for their site. And they have enough experience as: a) Joshua Jay is an American performer, lecturer and columnist in MAGIC Magazine (his column – “Talk about Tricks”); b) Andi Gladwin is a UK-based entrepreneur and professional close-up magician. One of the main features of their site is a lot of video demonstrations of products they propose.

The deck is consecrated to The Discoverie of Witchcraft by Reginald Scot. The first edition was printed in 1584. It was one of the first books written in the English language which made serious mention of magic. The book showed a superstitious public that magicians were not witches, but entertainers with thought-out effects and methods. So Vanishing Inc. Magic and Big Blind Media decided to commemorate such moment in history of magic with these playing cards produced in 2013 (you will be able to commemorate 490 years of the book… but in 2014 😉 ).

The English artist Sam Hayles (DOSE Productions) who traditionally design decks for Big Blind Media had his hand in this deck of playing cards.

The Deck: 52 playing cards + 2 different Jokers + 1 information card + 1 illustrated card. Poker size. Playing cards were printed by USPCC on Bicycle Stock and have the Air-Cushion finish.

pictures of the tuck case are clickable

Discoverie-Deck-box-front Discoverie-Deck-box-back

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BBM: Karnival Hornets Playing Cards

BBM-Logo-02FIREAs we mentioned in our previous post dedicated to Bicycle Karnival Earthtone9 Deck by Big Blind Media (BBM) – Karnival playing cards are the main series of decks for this company. Today we are going to say several words and to show pictures of another representative of this series – Karnival Hornets Playing Cards. The deck was printed by USPCC in 2011.

The Deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers + 1 information card + 1 ad-gaff card. Poker size. This deck doesn’t use “Bicycle” brand on the tuck case but it is still Bicycle stock with Air Flow Finish. Pictures of the tuck case are clickable:

Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Box_Front Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Box_Back

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BBM: Bicycle Karnival Earthtone9 Playing Cards

BBM-Logo-02FIREKarnival playing cards are the main series of decks by Big Blind Media (BBM) – the magic media company from UK dedicated to producing instructional DVD’s and playing  cards. This is one of decks from the series – Bicycle Karnival Earthtone9 Deck. It was printed by USPCC in 2012.

The Deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers + 1 information card +1 double backer. Poker size. Bicycle stock with Air Flow Finish. Pictures of the tuck case are clickable:

Bicycle-Karnival_Earthtone9_Playing_Cards_Box_Front Bicycle-Karnival_Earthtone9_Playing_Cards_Box_Back

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Big Blind Media: Bicycle The Z-Ray Deck

From comedy conman to cutting-edge conjurer, Hollywood to Bollywood and Channel 4’s Countdown to La Clique – for almost 30 years Paul Zenon has brought his unique combination of contemporary trickery and streetwise stand-up to the stages and screens of around 40 countries worldwide. 

And by way of celebration of this three decade run, Zenon has teamed up with leading playing card producer Karnival-Inc to create a unique, boutique deck of cards. Designed by Zenon’s long time collaborator Vince Ray (another rock n roll alumni – he fronts Vince Ray and the BoneShakers), they are the pictorial representation of Zenon’s patented blend of rock ‘n roll sensibility and charming confidence trickster.” ~ Big Blind Media

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