BBM: Karnival Hornets Playing Cards

04 Jul

BBM-Logo-02FIREAs we mentioned in our previous post dedicated to Bicycle Karnival Earthtone9 Deck by Big Blind Media (BBM) – Karnival playing cards are the main series of decks for this company. Today we are going to say several words and to show pictures of another representative of this series – Karnival Hornets Playing Cards. The deck was printed by USPCC in 2011.

The Deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers + 1 information card + 1 ad-gaff card. Poker size. This deck doesn’t use “Bicycle” brand on the tuck case but it is still Bicycle stock with Air Flow Finish. Pictures of the tuck case are clickable:

Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Box_Front Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Box_Back

As you should know BBM is a UK magic company. So many of BBM’s decks have to be usable for magicians. Magicians prefer decks with a minimal level of customization because they are afraid that a lot of new elements in a deck can cause spectators to think about marked decks. Bicycle standard court cards are the most recognizable in US and UK.

Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Court_Cards Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Court_Cards_2

So you can find those standard court cards with minimal level of customization in many decks produced by English or American magic compnaies. As a rule such decks have custom: a tuck case, a back design, Jokers, the Ace of Spades, different gaff-ad-information cards. Sometimes pips are also customized in some way or standard court cards have recolored elements. For example, Bicycle Karnival Earthtone9 Deck is a magic deck with a maximum level of customization for such kind of decks.

Karnival Hornets Playing Cards are more traditional magic deck. I guess BBM wanted to make a traditional magic deck with a simple back design and with some custom elements involving their beloved skulls. Yes, skull is an inherent element of almost all BBM’s decks.


The English artist Sam Hayles (DOSE Productions) traditionally helped BBM with their desires and created an interesting combination of design elements within the framework of a classic magic deck with minimal level of customization. Simplicity of the back design is balanced by the rich design of the Ace of Spades and Jokers.

Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Spades Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Spades_2 Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Joker Karnival_Hornets_Playing_Cards_Joker_2

All other aces are Bicycle standard aces as well as court cards and number cards.


Ad-Gaff Card and Information Card


Letters and numbers under the bar code (on the bottom of the tuck case) are selected in specific way to cause your association with “King of Clubs”.


Find the discount code on BBM’s playing cards


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