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Playing Card Art: James Bond Playing Cards by Joe DiLeonardo

Joe DiLeonardo designed these playing cards as an entry for SuperPunch’s James Bond Art Jam, He figured a collector’s edition luxury playing cards seemed like a good idea, with each one of the suits for one of his favorite Bond actors, one of their Bond girls and one of their villains. The cards (project) should have a matte finish on the backgrounds, while the suit, value and art should have a glossy finish.

© Joe DiLeonardo



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DeviantART: King of Fighters Playing Cards by Llewxam888

King of Fighters Playing Cards (project) designed by llewxam888. Each card has its own fighter.

© llewxam888



Llewxam888’s gallery on DeviantART:


See other playing card projects on DeviantART (Category: “DeviantART”).



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Typographic Playing Cards: Deck # 2 by P22 Type Foundry

P22 Type Foundry creates computer typefaces inspired by art and history and is renowned for its work with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces that are fully relevant for today’s computer user.

This is the second typographic deck by P22 Type Foundry. The company held a contest in 2008 to collect different designs from different artists for this deck. A panel of well-respected typophiles chose one card for each of the 52 cards and jokers. The artists had to meet the following main requirements:

  • They had to consider proper characteristics (One Eye Jack, Suicide King, etc) for specific cards;
  • They had to pick a P22 font or font set (licensed) that they have a certain fondness for;
  • Design had to be sensitive to the font chosen and highlight its best features;
  • All number cards and aces should use only Red and Black (grey);
  • All cards should have different fonts involved (in spite of that the Costructivist font used twice).

The deck: 52 playing cards + 3 different Jokers + information card + P22’s card-licence. Poker size. Playing cards are printed on casino cardboard with a glossy finish. 

pictures of the box are clickable

P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Box-Front P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Box-Back

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Bēhance: Malaysia Poker Playing Cards by Ericj Loo

The Malaysian artist Ericj Loo used animals for his court cards and substituted classic French-Englis pips with ducks, anteaters, apes and turtles. See his vision of Malaysian playing cards (project). © 2013 Ericj Loo


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