Playing Card Art: James Bond Playing Cards by Joe DiLeonardo

10 Jul

Joe DiLeonardo designed these playing cards as an entry for SuperPunch’s James Bond Art Jam, He figured a collector’s edition luxury playing cards seemed like a good idea, with each one of the suits for one of his favorite Bond actors, one of their Bond girls and one of their villains. The cards (project) should have a matte finish on the backgrounds, while the suit, value and art should have a glossy finish.

© Joe DiLeonardo



James-Bond-Playing-Cards-by-Joe-DiLeonardo James-Bond-Playing-Cards-by-Joe-DiLeonardo-2 James-Bond-Playing-Cards-by-Joe_DiLeonardo-Number-Cards James-Bond-Playing-Cards-by-Joe-DiLeonardo-Back






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4 responses to “Playing Card Art: James Bond Playing Cards by Joe DiLeonardo

  1. Zafar

    10.07.2013 at 19:53

    Oh god.. So i hope that the creator of this deck will go to kickstarter in future

    • Collector

      10.07.2013 at 22:28

      Without an appropriate licence he will have copyright issues with Eon Studios and MGM.

  2. zafar

    10.07.2013 at 17:06

    it’s an amazing deck!!!! where can I buy it?)

    • Collector

      10.07.2013 at 19:16

      Welcome on my blog, zafar.
      I agree with you but it’s only a project. The deck hasn’t been printed.


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