DeviantART: Playing Cards by kikuneko

11 Jul

The American artist kikuneko designs all female card deck dedicated to her fictional heroes. © kikuneko

The King of Spades

The girl on top is Adelaide, a feline demon who collects starlight in her glass wings. The girl on the bottom is Elysium, my rabbit demonspawn assassin/wind mage.


The King of Clubs

The characters are her Summer Girl Carrie, a white rabbit, and Himeko, her Birman cat princess.


The Queen of Spades

Princess Bethany and her Birman bodyguard Jade represent the Queen of Spades.


The Queen of Clubs


The Jack of Hearts

This card featuring her lavender-haired snow leopard Yukiko, one of the characters from kikuneko’s Himeko story, and her white skunk Raina, a character she designed way back in 1997-98 as part of her Summer Girls group.


The Seven of Clubs

The character is Larissa, a snowlemur and mage’s apprentice. Her primary element is water and her secondary is air, which just so happen to make lovely club shapes when they overlap.


The Two of Hearts

A fire-wielding raspberry striped tiger demon-spawn.


Two of Diamonds

The character is Jade, a Briman cat and the bodyguard of the Pixiebunny princess Bethany. 



Kikuneko’s gallery on DeviantART:


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