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Bēhance: Playing Cards by Amanda Small

This was orginally from a project Amanda Small did in her design class, where the objective was to create playing cards. She decided to design playing card based on her favorite generes of music. Classics from the generes of R&B, Soul, and Motown were constently being played through out her house growing up. So Amanda has a strong connection with such music as it has an influence on her creative work.

The artist used animals to reflect the style of music she loves. In her interpretation, a turtle is slow but is not in a rush to get anywhere. It goes with the flow which to her is what a lot of these classic Soul and R&B songs represent. These playing cards were all drawn by hand , scanned , and painted in Photoshop.

© 2013 Amanda Small


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Lo Scarabeo: Liberty Playing Cards

Some decks of playing cards produced by Lo Scarabeo (Italy) have already been mentioned on pages of this blog. This post dedicated to another deck by Lo Scarabeo – Liberty Playing Cards.

Art by Antonella Castelli is featured on these playing cards. The artist was inspired by works of the Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha.

Art Nouveau, Liberty, Floral Style, Modern Style, Jugendstil: these are the various definitions of a single style which positioned itself in Europe and the United States around 1900, especially in the field of applied arts (such as illustration) and architecture. Its characteristic floral, stylized and allusively symbolic curved lines which develop into asymmetrical and two-dimensional decorations also forcefully entered the world of production in a profitable encounter between industry and art. This splendid deck of cards pays tribute to the Liberty utopia with the elegant and light graphics of this style.

The deck:

  • 52 different illustrated playing cards;
  • 2 different Jokers;
  • 1 ad card;
  • 5 information cards (traditionally for Lo Scarabeo in English, Italian, Spain, French and German);
  • Bridge size;
  • Printed on casino cardboard with smooth finish.


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DeviantART: The Fool of the World Playing Cards by Emily J Sampson

Several playing cards designed by the American artist, Emily J. Sampson (EJSCreations), as a project. This is a very interesting variation of symmetry in court cards. Such court cards can be nice for transformation decks.

The idea of the project was to design four playing cards on the basis of some fairy- or folk tale. She chose the Russian folk tale “The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship” (“Летучий корабль”).

Some brief description of the story for better understanding of the playing cards you can find here. Or you can see the International Emmy award winning British stop-motion adaptation of this folk tale***

The King of Hearts is the Tsar who had to swallow his pride.


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