Typographic Playing Cards: Deck # 2 by P22 Type Foundry

10 Jul


The Ace of Hearts (font: Kells Extras) – Ned Bustard

The Two of Hearts (font: Dearest) – Robin Winnat


The Three of Hearts (font: Schwartzkopf) – Gabór Kóthay

The Four of Hearts (font: Acropolis Now) – Steven Fox


The Five of Hearts (font: Petroglyphs) – Adam Bagerski

The Six of Hearts (font: Bayer Universal) – Tyler Knuckles


The Seven of Hearts (font: Mantra) – Amondó Szegi

The Eight of Hearts (font: Oh Ley!) – Robin Winnat


The Nine of Hearts (font: Folk Art) – Shirley DeLaet

The Ten of Hearts (font: Dard Hunter) – Christian Kennesson

P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Hearts-9-10 P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Hearts-9-10-details

The Jack of Hearts (font: Cruz Extras) – Terry Wüdenbachs

The Queen of Hearts (font: 1722) – Tiffany Wardle


The King of Hearts (font: Woodtype) – Claudio Rocha



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