Typographic Playing Cards: Deck # 2 by P22 Type Foundry

10 Jul

P22 Type Foundry creates computer typefaces inspired by art and history and is renowned for its work with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces that are fully relevant for today’s computer user.

This is the second typographic deck by P22 Type Foundry. The company held a contest in 2008 to collect different designs from different artists for this deck. A panel of well-respected typophiles chose one card for each of the 52 cards and jokers. The artists had to meet the following main requirements:

  • They had to consider proper characteristics (One Eye Jack, Suicide King, etc) for specific cards;
  • They had to pick a P22 font or font set (licensed) that they have a certain fondness for;
  • Design had to be sensitive to the font chosen and highlight its best features;
  • All number cards and aces should use only Red and Black (grey);
  • All cards should have different fonts involved (in spite of that the Costructivist font used twice).

The deck: 52 playing cards + 3 different Jokers + information card + P22’s card-licence. Poker size. Playing cards are printed on casino cardboard with a glossy finish. 

pictures of the box are clickable

P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Box-Front P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Box-Back

The box has nice embellishments and a jocular frog 🙂 .

P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Box-Part P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Box-Part-2P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Box-Flap

Five main folders of P22’s typographic materials are depicted on the bottom of the box as well as on one of three Jokers (see below). The back of the box has the design of cards backs. It is one way due to pips.

P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Joker-2 P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Joker

The five folders of P22’s typographic materials:

  • P22 Type Foundry (inspired by art and history)

See description in the first paragraph.

  • IHOF (type designs from around the globe)

Type collections designed by different people.

  • Lanston Type (classic fonts from legendary company)

Lanston Type’s rich history dates back to 1887 when Tolbert Lanston received his first patent for a mechanical typesetting device. Later refinements led to the Monotype casting machine and the emergence of the Lanston Monotype Company as one of the most renowned type supply companies in the world. The Monotype caster was revolutionary and along with other automated typesetting machines helped to usher in a new age of printing technology. Typesetting had, until this time, remained the same as Gutenberg’s first hand-set movable type. In the late 1800s, Tolbert Lanston licensed his technology to an English sister company and became a major international force. 

After a series of other owners, the company found its way to master printer Gerald Giampa (one of the earliest developers of PostScript fonts), who moved it to Prince Edward Island in 1988. During its time of transition, Lanston continued supplying the American market for monotype hot metal type needs until January 21, 2000, when the majority of Lanston’s machinery and historical records were tragically destroyed by a tidal wave.

In late 2004, Lanston has completed another journey back to the United States to come under the care of a new steward: P22 type foundry.

  • Rimmer Type Foundry (Fonts by Jim Rimmer)

No longer distributed by P22. Now distributed by Canadatype.

  • Sherwood Type Col. (historical fonts by Ted Staunton)

Sherwood is a collection of 28 historically based fonts designed by Ted Staunton. All fonts contain a full international character set and most contain additional ligatures for more design flexibility. Each font page allows you to see a sample of the font or you may download a more detailed PDF specimen of the font(s).


Some pictures are clickable (try to guess them 😉 )


The Ace of Spades (font: Various) – James Grieshaber

The Two of Spades (font: Art Deco Chic) – James Grieshaber


The Three of Spades (font: Goudy Heavy) – Peter Sunna

The Four of Spades (font: Gothic Gothic) – James Grieshaber


The Five of Spades (font: Cusp) – James Grieshaber

The Six of Spades (font: Artscript) – Paul Hunt

P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Spades-5-6 P22-Typographic-Playing-Cards-#2-Spades-5-6-details

The Seven of Spades (font: LTC Orn 3) – Mike Spencer

The Eight of Spades (font: Operina) – James Grieshaber


The Nine of Spades (font: Albers) – Adam Bagerski

The Ten of Spades (font: Numismatic) – James Grieshaber


The Jack of Spades (font: Daddy-O) – James Grieshaber

The Queen of Spades (font: Hieroglyphics) – James Grieshaber


The King of Spades (font: Koch Signs) – James Grieshaber



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