Bēhance: Malaysia Poker Playing Cards by Ericj Loo

10 Jul

The Malaysian artist Ericj Loo used animals for his court cards and substituted classic French-Englis pips with ducks, anteaters, apes and turtles. See his vision of Malaysian playing cards (project). © 2013 Ericj Loo


malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_2 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_3 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_4 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_5 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_6 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_7 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_joker malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_8 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_9 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_10 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_11 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_12 malaysia_playing_cards_by_ericj_loo_13


See other playing card projects on Bēhance (Category: “Bēhance”).


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