Bēhance: Mythical Playing Cards by Megan Pittam

21 Aug

Mythical playing cards (project) were designed by the American artist Megan Pittam. The deck is made completely out of the Baskerville typeface. Each face card displays a mythical character taken from commonly known myths originating from different cultures or pop cultures. Faces of all court cards and aces are the same.

© 2013 Megan Pittam



Kings represent a mythical legion originating from North America – Sasquatch. Each Queen is a mythical goddess in ancient Greek mythology – Mother Nature. Jacks represent a fictional mutant dinosaur originating from Japan – Godzilla.  Aces represent the Tooth Fairy from European folklore.  Each Joker is the Loch Ness Monster from Scotland’s folklore (there are no pictures of Jokers). Traditional pips of suits are substituted for a foot, flower, claw, and tooth, aligning with King, Queen, Jack, and Ace.

Mythical_Typographic_Playing_Cards_by_Megan_Pittam_2 Mythical_Typographic_Playing_Cards_by_Megan_Pittam_7 Mythical_Typographic_Playing_Cards_by_Megan_Pittam


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