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DeviantART: Buzz of Planets Playing Card by James Kennison

Buzz of Planets playing card designed by the American artist James Kennison (nlcast). This card is dedicated to one of the main fictional characters in the Pixar’s Toy Story franchise – Buzz Lightyear.

[nlcast’s gallery on DeviantART]

© James Kennison (nlcast)



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Bēhance: Playing Cards by Meg Doyle

These playing cards were designed by the American artist Meg Doyle. Each of her cards illustrates a scene from the life of the person designated to that card. © 2012 Meg Doyle


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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Cynthia França

Two different editions of playing cards designed by the Brazilian artist Cynthia França (cynthiafranca).

[cynthiafranca’s gallery on DeviantART]

© Cynthia França (cynthiafranca)

White Edition

The King of Spades


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Bēhance: FestHand Playing Cards by Manuel Olmo-Rodriguez

Several playing cards designed by the Puerto-Rican artist Manuel Olmo-Rodriguez as greeting cards for promotional purposes. Manuel was inspired by antique playing cards. Playing cards are based on popular iconic characters from holiday festivities celebrated in Puerto Rico. The first is Santa Claus December 6th and the 24th; then Old and New Years December 31st and January 1st correspondingly; the “Three Wise Men” or ”Three Kings”: Melchior January 7th, Gaspar January 8th and Balthasar January 9th. © 2006 Manuel Olmo-Rodriguez


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