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DeviantART: Welcome to Hell Playing Cards by Erica

Welcome to Hell playing cards were designed by the American artist Erica (real-faker) as an assignment. Characters on playing cards are from author’s comics drawings – “Welcome to Hell”. All Kings, Queens and Jacks are the same.

[real-faker’s gallery on DeviantART]

© Erica (real-faker)

The picture is clickable



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Bēhance: Pan Am Playing Cards by Lisa Lam

Pan Am Playing Cards (project) were designed by the American artist Lisa Lam. Playing cards are dedicated to Pan American World Airways (commonly known as Pan Am). It was the largest international air carrier in the United States from 1927 until its collapse on December 4, 1991 (was sold to Delta Air Lines).


When the assignment was handed down to create a design-driven deck of cards, I didn’t have to think twice about choosing Pan Am as my theme. Pan Am is a pop icon on the rise. It isn’t popular enough where a current high school student can identify the brand, but the potential to use it as a hip and visually appealing subject was all there.” ~ Lisa Lam © 2013 Lisa Lam

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2013 [week 32] – Upcoming Decks

  • Bicycle Red Plastic Cup Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Table Talk Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Street Art Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Madison Playing Cards [released]
  • Bicycle Peacock Playing Cards [released]
  • Republic No. 02 Playing Cards by Ellusionist [August 14th, 2013]
  • Playing Cards by SansMinds Magic [printed, will be publicly released soon]
  • Creepy Playing Cards by Johnny Whaam [probably on Kickstarter this week]
  • Blue Blood: Redux Edition by Uusi [planned to be on Kickstarter – August, 2013]
  • Great Whites Playing Cards by DMC [soon]

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