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DeviantART: Hamlet Playing Card by Elif Cinbas

Hamalet playing card designed by the Turkish artist Elif Cinbas (tintinY) as a school project.

[tintinY’s gallery on DeviantART]

© Elif Cinbas (tintinY)



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Bēhance: Platoon Playing Cards by Laura LoForese

Platoon playing cards were designed by the American artist Laura LoForese as fan project dedicated to the game “Ni No Kuni”. This game features a unique card game called Platoon that was created for an in-game casino. She made these playing cards for her friend. The cards feature many of the characters and creatures from the game. Laura is going to print them as a real deck of cards. © 2013 Laura LoForese

Joker – Wizard


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USPCC: No Name Playing Cards by Mloong Magic

Today No Name Playing Cards make the headlines on this blog. I was able to get it from JP Playing Cards (find a 10% discount below). This is quite a mysterious deck of playing cards because it’s hard to find a lot of information about it.

In accordance with the press release walking Internet, this is the deck produced by Mloong Magic (China) in cooperation with Cards Dancing. The last one is the biggest Chinese association (more than 1500 members in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong) for the study of card tricks after Finger Dance. They produced the deck in April 2012.

The deck: 52 playing card + 2 slightly different Jokers + 1 blank card + 1 double backer. Poker size. 2500 decks were printed by USPCC (presumably Bicycle stock, Air-Cushion finish). Playing cards have custom pips and indices. Court cards are quite seriously redesigned Arrco standard court cards. The pictures of the tuck case are clickable:

No_Name_Playing_Cards_box_front No_Name_Playing_Cards_box_back

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