USPCC: No Name Playing Cards by Mloong Magic

24 Aug

Today No Name Playing Cards make the headlines on this blog. I was able to get it from JP Playing Cards (find a 10% discount below). This is quite a mysterious deck of playing cards because it’s hard to find a lot of information about it.

In accordance with the press release walking Internet, this is the deck produced by Mloong Magic (China) in cooperation with Cards Dancing. The last one is the biggest Chinese association (more than 1500 members in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong) for the study of card tricks after Finger Dance. They produced the deck in April 2012.

The deck: 52 playing card + 2 slightly different Jokers + 1 blank card + 1 double backer. Poker size. 2500 decks were printed by USPCC (presumably Bicycle stock, Air-Cushion finish). Playing cards have custom pips and indices. Court cards are quite seriously redesigned Arrco standard court cards. The pictures of the tuck case are clickable:

No_Name_Playing_Cards_box_front No_Name_Playing_Cards_box_back

The tuck case has a strange design. The bottom part of its front shows half the pattern from the backs of these playing cards and looks nice. The center of the front is really boring. There are only four different pips on it. The upper part of its front is simple but elegant and nicely joined with the bottom one. But the name of this deck doesn’t look and sound nice. I have to think that this name is a joke. There are a lot of “no name” manufacturers in China producing fake branded goods. So I can assume that the name has some connection with the fact. So the world-famous American playing card manufacturer printed “no name” product as well.

The back of the tuck case is the simplified design of the backs of playing cards. I can’t say it looks bad. But it looks worse than the backs of playing cards.

Sides of the tuck case are normal. “The United States Playing Card Company” is indicated on one side of the tuck case and the mysterious inscription “No. Name ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦ No.17” is placed on another one. We can only guess what it means as well as Latin number “II” on the flap of the tuck case. The name of the deck and some classic brief information about USPCC are on the bottom side of the tuck case.

There were used different shades of gray for the design of the tuck case. Playing cards also have red colour. No black colour.

The Ace of Spades has a simple but nice-looking design made in the style of the backs. Each other ace has one appropriate pip on it

No_Name_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Spades No_Name_Playing_Cards_aces.

As it has been said the court cards of No Name deck are quite seriously redesigned Arrco standard court cards. But they happened to be elegant and fit the theme very nice.

The King of Spades: No Name Playing Cards – Arrco Playing Cards


The Queen of Hearts: No Name Playing Cards – Arrco Playing Cards


The Jack of Clubs: No Name Playing Cards – Arrco Playing Cards


No Name Deck: Kings

No_Name_Playing_Cards_King_of_Spades No_Name_Playing_Cards_King_of_Clubs

No Name Deck: Queens

No_Name_Playing_Cards_Queen_of_Hearts No_Name_Playing_Cards_Queen_of_Diamonds

No Name Deck: Jacks

No_Name_Playing_Cards_Jack_of_Spades No_Name_Playing_Cards_Jack_of_Clubs

No Name deck has smaller custom pips and indices in comparison with Arrco pips and indices. And these pips with indices are quite elegant.

No Name Deck – Arrco Deck – No Name Deck – Arrco Deck

No_Name_Playing_Cards_six No_Name_Playing_Cards_six_2

No Name Deck: Number Playing Cards

No_Name_Playing_Cards_tens No_Name_Playing_Cards_number_cards No_Name_Playing_Cards_number_cards_2

Blank Card + Double Back Card


Jokers are frankly boring. All pips and indices of the deck are depicted on them mixed up with small bubbles from the back design. One of them has the Seven of Hearts painted in red as a reveal.


Back Design



Find the discount code for JP Playing Cards site


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2 responses to “USPCC: No Name Playing Cards by Mloong Magic

  1. Dr Ken Lodge

    25.10.2016 at 13:35

    These courts are redrawn versions of a redrawing of Arrco’s original design. I have several ordinary packs with these courts which are definitely made in China. Have you evidence that USPCC printed these particular ones? I’d be interested to know, as I’m a playing card historian.

    • Collector

      06.11.2016 at 01:13

      USPCC orders some decks in China in accordance with its own catalog. No Name cards feel like original American Bicycle cards due to USPCC’s original coating. But only producers can prove that the cards are printed in US. As I know USPCC owns Arrco brand. Also take into account that piracy is normal thing in China. So, your Chinese playing cards with Arrco faces don’t mean that all Arrco cards are Chinese. On the other hand, I don’t have any special certificate legally proving that the cards have been printed by USPCC… despite notes on the tuck case.


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