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Preview: Poker Faces Playing Cards by Verlag um die Ecke

A small publishing company from the most western part of Germany, “Verlag um die Ecke“ (roughly translated from German into English as “Publisher around the corner“), which specializes on family magazines and different guides decided to create some side project devoted to playing cards. The team of three people – publisher, graphic designer and illustrator – launched a custom deck of playing cards called “Poker Faces”.

Poker Faces playing cards were designed for nonconservative poker players with developed sense of humor. “Poker face”, also known as a blank expression, is a special term for poker which means a facial expression characterized by neutral positioning of the facial features, implying a lack of strong emotion. As you can see, quite quirky and bizarre characters of this deck are far away from a lack of strong emotions 🙂 While the Jack of Spades is just thinking about his possible victim, ladies mercilessly are shooting flirtatious glances at everyone. And think twice before surprise the Jack of Diamonds by your Royal Flush 😉

“Tough guys and loose women, Bartenders, Mafia Brides and Sailors! In a POKER FACES poker hand, the underworld and harbor romance meet. Each of the four colors represents an “industry”: clubs is maritime, spades is organized crime, the pimps and alley cats romp around with hearts, and in the diamond pub, everyone is sitting at the bar.” ~ Verlag um die Ecke

The contrast was intentional. The creators wanted to have professional deck for poker with some ironical twist. I have to admit that they did what they wanted.

All drawings are the work of the Aachen-based illustrator Alex Elsen.


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Heritage Playing Card Company: The Famous Wild Cats Playing Cards

Heritage_Playing_Card_Company_logo2Founded in 1992, family owned Heritage Playing Card Company (UK) has created a beautiful range of illustrated playing cards to entertain and educate. Each their deck has its own thought-out theme. They found a nice compromise between visual and textual information on playing cards to make them suitable for games, educational purposes and playing card collecting. Their playing cards are sold in more than 20 countries around the world. Many of the decks were printed in three languages (English, French and German).

The Famous Wild Cats Playing Cards [Chats Sauvages (French), Großkatzen (German)] is the deck of playing cards dedicated to different wild cat species living in our world. Heritage Playing Card Company produced these playing cards under licence from Trioview Ltd.

The deck: 52 different playing cards with images of wild cats + 2 different Jokers + 1 information card. Indices and pips are in all four corners. Bridge size. Playing cards were printed in Belgium, supposedly by Cartamundi. They use casino cardboard and have a smooth finish.


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Cartamundi: Circus Transformation Playing Cards by Frank Robert Schick

These transformation playing cards*** based on the Circus theme were designed by Frank Robert Schick (December 30, 1924 – June 16, 1988). The artist was born in New York City. He received his training in the Arts at Fort Wayne Art Academy, in the State of Indiana. The deck was published by his wife on his passing on 16 June 1988.


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Cartamundi (Naipes Comas): “Casinos Latinoamerica” Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards was printed by Spanish company “Naipes Comas” (Barcelona) in 2009. Naipes Comas belongs to Cartamundi España.

I guess this deck is a collective order of: Casinos de Latinoamerecano, ELA Mexico (one of the largest gaming exhibitions in Mexico), European Casinos.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 3 Jokers

Dimension of playing cards: 63×88 mm – 2,48×3,46 in [standard poker size: 2.5×3.5 in – 64×89 mm]

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Cartamundi: Irish Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards was printed by Cartamundi for Irish company Dechtire Design (probably a small shop selling fine, handcrafted silver) in 1990.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 2 identical Jokers + ad card.

Dimension of playing cards: 63×88 mm – 2,48×3,46 in [standard poker size: 2.5×3.5 in – 64×89 mm]


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