Cartamundi: Circus Transformation Playing Cards by Frank Robert Schick

01 Apr

These transformation playing cards*** based on the Circus theme were designed by Frank Robert Schick (December 30, 1924 – June 16, 1988). The artist was born in New York City. He received his training in the Arts at Fort Wayne Art Academy, in the State of Indiana. The deck was published by his wife on his passing on 16 June 1988.


Playing cards printed by Cartamundi (Belgium). They are larger than standard bridge cards and have gilt edges. A limited run of 1000 numbered decks was made: 54 cards accompanied by an explanatory booklet (printed in London) and a commemorative coin/medal (14 karat gold plated) – everything in a wooden box made in California.


A Commemorative Coin/Medal


An Explanatory Booklet


Playing Cards



***A transformation playing card (sometimes referred to as a transformation deck when assembled into a complete set) is a type of playing card where an artist incorporates the pips of the non-face cards into an artistic design. In a classical transformation playing card, the pips retain their standard position and coloration on the card. In some variations, the pips may be different in size, location or color. There is some debate as to whether these cards, often referred to as semi-transformed, should be considered true transformation playing cards…more


This blog thanks DXPO Playing Cards from the bottom of its soft heart for pictures of these playing cards.






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