HOPC: Curator Deck by Emmanuel José

31 Mar

Emmanuel José graduated with a degree in Studio Art from DavidsonCollege, where he created drawings, prints and paintings. During his undergraduate years, he was introduced to the technique of papercutting.

In 2011, a longtime fascination with playing cards prompted Emmanuel to set up a personal challenge: Create 1 playing card a week, culminating in a complete deck of transformation playing cards***.

Using papercutting techniques, Emmanuel follows a centuries-old tradition of transforming the suits and pips of a standard deck of playing cards.

Through the creation of these decks, Emmanuel hopes to present playing cards not as mere objects, but as canvases ripe for creativity and a little imagination.” ~ Emmanuel José


These playing cards were printed by the United States Playing Card Company in 2012 due to the cooperation of Emmanuel Jose and the House of Playing Cards.

  • Stock: Bicycle Stock
  • Finish: Magic Finish

The Technique of Papercutting




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***A transformation playing card (sometimes referred to as a transformation deck when assembled into a complete set) is a type of playing card where an artist incorporates the pips of the non-face cards into an artistic design. In a classical transformation playing card, the pips retain their standard position and coloration on the card. In some variations, the pips may be different in size, location or color. There is some debate as to whether these cards, often referred to as semi-transformed, should be considered true transformation playing cardsmore


Other decks made by Emmanuel José:


Beware! There is a contrafact (pirated) version of this deck. It was printed in Russian Federation on simple thick cardboard.






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