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DeviantART: Monkey-Playing Cards by Puttbill

Three playing cards designed by the German artist Puttbill (nickname). He used them for his own “Puttbill Calender Sheet” – “See, Hear, Say Everything”.

[Puttbill’s gallery on DeviantART]

© Puttbill

Hear Everything



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Bēhance: Typographic Playing Cards by Michael Lemma

These Optima Typographic playing cards were designed by the American artist Michael Lemma as a project for college. He was assigned Optima type face and had to make playing cards out of the type face. The way he got his shapes and unique look for the face cards was a “happy accident”. Michael hit the align tool in illustrator and got these unique looking shapes. So he played around with different letters & numbers to create an interesting look. The artist decided that red and black colours fit this deck the best.

Michael printed them on cardboard and cut them by himself. But he is going to print them on casino cardboard.

© 2011 Michael Lemma


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