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Kickstarter: Uusi Classic Playing Cards

Uusi started their sixth and final playing card project on Kickstarter. Creators of Blue Blood, Blueblood Redux (2nd edition of Blue Blood), Bohemia, Royal Optik, Pagan and Hotcakes Playing Cards, Peter and Linnea traditionally propose an entirely hand-painted deck of playing cards called “Uusi Classic”, the last deck in Uusi’s Six-Deck Series. There will be two decks with the same faces of cards and different colours of backs, Uusi Classic Blue and Uusi Classic Red decks.

These decks are planned to be printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC).Uusi-Classic-Tuck-Cases-Front

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Kickstarter: Pagan Playing Cards by Uusi

Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits, the designers and artists behind the Chicago design studio, Uusi, started their new playing card project on Kickstarter. One of the most creative, successful and decent companies proposes its fourth duet of decks – Pagan Playing Card Decks (“Dark Brown Deck” and “Light Cream-colored Deck”).

All previous amazing playing card projects (Blue Blood Playing Cards and Blueblood Redux Playing Cards, Bohemia Playing CardsRoyal Optik Playing Cards) have been successfully funded on Kickstarter, printed and delivered to backers. Pagan deck is planned to be printed by USPCC.


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