Kickstarter: Bohemia Playing Cards by Uusi

03 Feb

Street art meets Baroque in this luminous, hand-painted deck. A juicy mix of risk and art, “Bohemia” is a Limited Edition Original. Bohemia – an entirely hand-painted and hand-lettered playing card deck. Bohemia is the second limited-edition Uusi deck in a planned six-deck series.

The artwork for Bohemia was inspired by the unlikely pairing of 17th-century Baroque style with contemporary, urban street art. Each have a flair for drama, tension and grandeur that when mixed together create one lush,combustible style! This deck is perfect for your neighborhood or family poker game, a few heated rounds of gin rummy, spades or hearts with friends or simply to add a little drama to your favorite game of solitaire. In the skilled hands of a magician or flourisher, our deck’s colorful card backs and custom face designs become a dazzling display of hypnotic, moving color and beauty. For the collector, it is a true original with an attractive, unique tuck box and made in limited quantities.


  • Fifty-two playing cards and two jokers, all with unique art that’s executed in the traditional “Anglo-Rouen” design pattern, ideal for magic and card games due to being unique and eye-catching, yet at the same time very familiar and immediately recognizable by players and spectators alike.
  • Completely hand-painted with gouache paint for the illustrations on every single card, right down to the pips and indices.
  • One blank-faced card with the same background pattern that’s repeated on all the faces, suitable for use as a cut card, a magician’s gaff or a replacement for a damaged card.
  • One illustrated Uusi Design ad card.
  • Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPC) in a run of 3500 decks.
  • Made on Bicycle playing card stock with an Air Cushion Finish for a glide that’s easy and smooth without being too slick and slippery.

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The Ace of Spades

The Kings

The Queens

The Jacks


Number cards

Card Back

The Box


An interview with Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits (Uusi)

on Maxplayingcards blog:



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