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Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards by Nicole Jackson

“This charming deck of playing cards is “Alice in Wonderland” themed and features illustrations drawn by John Teniel from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll. Each illustration was then digitally painted by me and placed on lovely coffee backgrounds (also painted by me). Each letter/number features a different image from the books. (15 different images total including the back of the cards.) The symbols for the club, spade, heart and diamond were designed by me.

Each deck is professionally printed, contains 54 cards (A-K plus two jokers) and comes in a clear plastic box. The cards are hard to crease industry quality bendable card, same as what casinos use.

I try my best to match the colors shown on the screen to the actual colors of the cards but because every screen is different the colors shown may vary slightly from the actual colors of the cards.” ~ Nicole Jackson

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards


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Playing Card Art: Joker by Oleg Shekhovtsov

The Joker designed by Oleg Shekhovtsov.



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Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Mike Nudleman

A series of playing card face drawings, inspired by the traditional Bicycle Rider Back design.  All were made with pen and marker on 8″ x 10″ paper.” ~ © Mike Nudleman.


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