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Mr Mead’s ‘Dark Suits’ Playing Cards

Tom Mead is an artist who admires the surreal and otherworldly sides of art. He uses a traditional drawing technique working with dip pen and ink.

Tom’s terror and intrigue for animals dressed as humans stems from his memories of Reginald Mills’ 1976 ballet film, “The Tales of Beatrix Potter”. Deciding to embrace his fear Tom has recently found a passion for more the traditional artistic techniques and has developed his ink based style to create dark inhuman characters blending the animal, human and mechanic, a super species he nicknames ‘Bio-Mechanical Anthropomorphism’.

Tom’s practice is inspired by artists such as Koji Morimoto, Remi Wyart and Shaun Tan. He is also highly influenced by the surrealist American contemporary art scene.

Working from the eminent Jamaica Street Studios in Stokes Croft, Bristol, Tom creates artwork for folk tales, album covers and poster designs alongside producing his large-scale works. He also launched a new edition of playing cards, each adorned with one of his characters.

Mr Mead launched a new edition of playing cards each adorned with one of his characters in April 2011.

Mr Mead has produced a new edition of playing cards, with each card in the pack adorned with one of his ‘Bio-mechanical anthropomorphic’ characters. The characters are grouped by family into the four suits, Birds adopt the Hearts, Horned Beasts the Diamonds, Cats the Spades and Foxes the Clubs.” ~ Antlers Gallery




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