2015 [week 3] – Upcoming Decks

20 Jan


5. № 17th Playing Cards v. 02

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  • will be launched on Kickstarter;
  • was launched on Kickstarter;
  • was funded on Kickstarter.
17:17 GMT on February 17th, 2015
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Stockholm17 Playing Cards (Lorenzo Gaggiotti) USPCC 
Stockholm17 Playing Cards (Lorenzo Gaggiotti) has designed and produced amazing decks, such as Requiem Playing Cards and Heretic Playing Cards. Lorenzo also was a manager for playing card project created by Net Entertainment. This will be his third personal deck of playing cards. Formally it’s fourth deck as he created first “concept” edition of these playing cards for CardLauncher promotions. Lorenzo noticeably improved previous design and still is perfecting it. So, we can see traditionally enigmatic characters as court cards, attention to each small detail of design and mysterious signs incorporated in it. The project will be launched on Kickstarter.

№ 17th Playing Cards – Comparison of Tuck Cases


№ 17th Playing Cards – The Ace of Clubs


№ 17th Playing Cards – Courts



№ 17th Playing Cards – The King Of Spades


№ 17th Playing Cards – Backs



6. De’vo’s Signature Series “Card Masters”

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  • will be released;
  • was released.
February, 2015
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De’vo’s Signature Series “Card Masters” was designed by Anika Burrell and is coming this year. The deck will have custom pips, court cards and jokers (one with a reveal). One card will be blank. Court cards are masked figures with cards doing springs and fans. An assumption – four suits can repeat faces of court cards. There will be two editions: a) standard edition; b) gold gilded edition (gilded edges of playing cards). Both front and backs have De’vo’s signature Twin Tip Mirror Back design allowing for different fans. De’vo promises a special Suicide King of Hearts. The deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

De’vo’s Signature Series “Card Masters” – The Ace of Spades & Back

De'vo's-Signature-Series-Card Masters-Ace-of-Spades

De’vo’s Signature Series “Card Masters” – Courts


De'vo's-Signature-Series-Card Masters-Courts

De’vo’s Signature Series “Card Masters” – The Jack of Hearts


De’vo’s Signature Series “Card Masters” – Jokers

De'vo's-Signature-Series-Card Masters-Joker De'vo's-Signature-Series-Card Masters-Joker

7. Delicious Semi-Transformation Playing Cards

8. Sport Semi-Transformation Playing Cards [no final name]

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  • will be launched on Kickstarter;
  • was launched on Kickstarter;
  • was funded on Kickstarter.

2. in the design phase.

  1. March 11th, 2015 – 01pm EDT;
  2. 2016
PCC-Badge-Who PCC-Badge-Printer
Emmanuel José USPCC
This year Emmanuel José, designer of Curator, Clipped Wings, Sawdust: Circus and Delicious Semi-Transformation Playing Cards, started to design his new Semi-Transformation deck devoted to sport. While first three decks have been produced, Delicious Semi-Transformation Decks is planned to be launched on Kickstarter this year.  Taking into account his production of previous decks, there is sense to suspect that Delicious deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company. But this is only an assumption.

Delicious Semi-Transformation Playing Cards

Number Cards

Delicious-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Two-of-Hearts Delicious-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Three-of-Clubs Delicious-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Four-of-Diamonds Delicious-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Six-of-Spades Delicious-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Six-of-Hearts Delicious-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Six-of-Diamonds

Back Design




Court Cards


“Sport” Semi-Transformation Playing Cards

Sport-Semi-Transformation-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Ace-of-Spades Sport-Semi-Transformation-Playing-Cards-by-Emmanuel-Jose-Two-of-Spades

This blog thanks all above mentioned sources from the bottom of its soft heart for some information and pictures. All rights belong to its owners.


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