Kickstarter: Bicycle Instruments of War Playing Cards by Jacob Bear

31 May

Bicycle Instruments of War Deck is designed by Jacob Bear and Bear Claw Studios. The deck dedicated to comics figures. 56 different cards – even number cards have artworks. It’s planned to be printed by the USPCC.

New Box


Old Box


Jacob Bear draw comics. He decided to combine that his love with his graphic design skills and to create his own custom deck of playing cards. It began based on an original character he drew for the Emerald City Comic Con’s “Monsters & Dames” Children’s Hospital charity book. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the character, he decided to expand upon the universe the character resides in.

He has already completed all illustrations for this deck and has already received approval by the United States Playing Card Company.

You could pledge here: [Funding Unsuccessful]

This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Sunday Jul 14, 8:44pm EDT.


New Design of Court Cards and Number Cards

Bicycle_Instruments_of_War_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_SpadesBicycle_Instruments_of_War_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_Hearts Bicycle_Instruments_of_War_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_DiamondsBicycle_Instruments_of_War_Playing_Cards_The_Jack_of_Clubs


Old Design of Court Cards and Number Cards

Bicycle_Instruments_of_War_Playing_Cards  Bicycle_Instruments_of_War_Playing_Cards_Back

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