Playing Cards: Contests and Giveaways

This page is devoted to different playing card giveaways and contests. Any playing card collector is always ready to compete with colleagues for a valuable addition to his collection. And, of course, any collector doesn’t mind some interesting giveaway. So, you can find something interesting for yourself on this page.

The site isn’t responsible for all these giveaways, contests, and their results, with the exception of its own giveaways and contests. PlayingCardCollector.NET’s responsibility for its own giveaways and contests implies the site’s best efforts in organization of the appropriate measures. It is always limited by the terms of the site’s disclaimer (stipulated on “About Me” page) and conditions of its specific giveaway and/or contest.

Evil-Deck-Giveaway-by-Thirdway-IndustriesWhat: Evil Playing Cards

Who: Thirdway Industries (Giovanni Meroni)

When: Monday, 06/15/15

How: Read HERE

playing card giveaways


playing card contests


♦ Delirium Playing Cards – Thirdway Industries (Giovanni Meroni) – Read HERE

♦ Red and Green Gatorbacks Playing Cards by David Blaine – JP Playing Cards –  Read HERE

♦ Black Delirium Joker and Book – Thirdway Industries (Giovanni Meroni) – Read HERE

♦ Blaine Microsoft Playing Cards – The Conjuring Arts Research Center – Read HERE

♦ No. 17 Bicycle & Unbranded Decks – Stockholm17 (Lorenzo Gaggiotti) – Read HERE

♦ Sultana Playing Cards – Devilish Rogue Project (Dave Boyd) – Read HERE

♦ A Signed Copy of Delirium Realm Book – Thirdway Industries (Giovanni Meroni)- Read HERE

♦ The First Edition LUXX Decks – JP Playing Cards – Read HERE

♦ Delirium “Giveaway” – Thirdway Industries (Giovanni Meroni) – Read HERE

♦ Woodland Deck Giveaway – Pocono Modern – Read HERE

♦ Gilded Deck Giveaway – Uusi – Read HERE

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