This Blog about This Blog: 100,000 Times Interesting for People

20 Sep

It is time to speak about this blog… 7,000 (the first month on WordPress), 10,000 (March, 2013), 29,000 (the third month on WordPress), 50,000 (June, 2013), 77,000 (half a year on WordPress)… and now 100,000. Yes, as of today the “Playing Cards + Art = Collecting” blog has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

What can I say? I guess…

But going back to the serious tone… ta-ta… ok, sorry. What I really want to do is to thank my readers for their attention and curiosity; artists featured on this blog for their talent and imagination; playing card producers for their sociability and efforts put into production of their decks. This blog couldn’t exist and doesn’t have any sense without all that. Thank you!

Also I know that I have already my regular readers. It is inspiring. I will go on with my blog and its development.phil_04

 And I hope you will like that.

Now let’s traditionally have a bit of some geography. This blog has been found interesting by new people from new places around the world since its half a year on WordPress. It is always pleasant. This time the blog was discovered by people from Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guam, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Monaco, Virgin Islands and… [here you should see the foregoing video again]… Greenland. Yes, Greenland! I don’t want to offend anyone but I didn’t even know that Greenland has real access to the Internet. My fault.

Let’s a new look at the activity of the readers – my new Top 15 (according to the internal statistics of WordPress). Remember that you are not the only one in your country who reads this blog 😉

Top 15
(based on the activity of the readers at this moment):


I want to draw your attention to a new option added to the “Share this” tools. Now you can use Pocket service for each post (article) on this blog. Pocket is a special service which allows you to save any pieces of information from Internet to be viewed / investigated later. Have you noticed something interesting but don’t have enough time to read / listen / view it currently? You can “put it in your pocket” and read / listen / view it later.


I know that a lot of people like Pinterest. So, this blog is now on Pinterest for your comfort:

Appropriate Pinterest’s boards have not been completed yet. But this moment will be resolved step by step. Also new friends will be followed on Pinterest soon. I need some time to look around. Of course Pinterest as well as other social media resources connected with this blog can’t substitute this blog. The most urgent information you can find only on the blog itself (RSS or e-mail subscription can help with this).

I hope you will actively share this blog on social networks, will comment posts on it or at least will rate playing card projects mentioned in them.

You can like the blog on its Facebook page and follow it on other social media networks.

Thank you.

I hope to see the 150,000th satisfied reader on this blog soon 😉

Epic Before, Historic After




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