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Bēhance: Lost Wax Playing Cards by Micaela Shalane Nauman

Lost Wax playing cards (project) designed by the American artist Micaela Shalane Nauman.

© 2013 Micaela Shalane Nauman

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Kickstarter: Bicycle Kingdoms of a New World Playing Cards by Nathanael Mortensen

Nathanael Mortensen created the Dragon’s Hoard project on Kickstarter in the beggining of 2013. Jonas Akerlund was the designer of the game. The project was funded and the game is going to be printed in November, 2013.

This is Nathanael’s second project on Kickstarter. He decided to create a Bicycle branded deck of playing cards which was inspired from his previous work experience with Jonas Akerlund. Four suits of these playing cards are dedicated to four different themes – Spirit, Nature, Technology and Sky. The deck is planned to be printed by USPCC.


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DeviantART: Knight of Hearts by Margarita Borzykh

Knight of Hearts playing card designed by the Russian artist Margarita Borzykh (Vlastika). The card is based on Alice in the Country of Hearts (Hāto no Kuni no Arisuanime which is a re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It is dedicated to one of its main heroes, Ace. He is the most skilled swordsman in the Wonderland, who has a terrible sense of direction.

© 2012 Margarita Borzykh

[Vlastika’s gallery on DeviantART]



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Bēhance: Breaking Bad Playing Cards by Rafael Wendel

Breaking Bad playing cards designed by the Brazilian artist Rafael Wendel as a project for his one class in college. © 2013 Rafael Wendel

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. He names the series a contemporary western. Breaking Bad won ten Primetime Emmy Awards and was named the 13th best-written TV series of all time by the Writers Guild of America in 2013.

The series tell the story of the struggling high school chemistry teacher, Walter White. He is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the beginning of the series. Walter teams with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, and turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine, in order to secure his family’s financial future before he dies.

The King of Diamonds


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Playing Cards and Cinema: Beast in a Neon Cage Playing Cards by Jon Wong

This deck of playing cards was designed by Jon Wong in 2010 as a part of the Beast in a Neon Cage film festival visitor’s complete set of presents.

Beast in a Neon Cage is the name of a film festival project for legendary cult director Seijun Suzuki. The name for the festival is a metaphor for the characters that appear in Suzuki’s films: gangsters and crooks who on the surface appear civilized, but underneath are wild beasts that are stuck in the “neon cage” of the Tokyo nightlife. Building on that idea and the psychedelic imagery of his films, the festival’s visuals burst with color. The sharp angles reflect the on-screen chaos and the cartoon imagery hints at the dark humor that frequents Suzuki’s work. Finally, the packaging of the products uses raw wood on the outside to mimic the sophisticated veneers of these characters, but inside they explode with color, achieved through the use of various sheets of colored plastic.” ~ Jon Wong


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Kickstarter: Density Playing Cards by Roni Lagin

Roni Lagin is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Philadelphia (US). The artist played with thin lines and different shapes but didn’t get enmeshed in them. He designed custom playing cards where suit symbols are manipulated into intersecting shapes and patterns, involving elements of spirography. Roni tried to make the deck as custom as possible and renounced the use of classic court cards. He substituted them for unique ones.

The deck planned to be printed by USPCC.


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Playing Card Art: Evolve Playing Cards by Katie Ann Chan

Katie Ann Chan chose the Evolution of Man as the theme for her Evolve Playing Cards (project). She displayed the progression of man on the suits. Different skulls were used to represent each stage of Man. Katie abstracted the skulls to create the suits for these playing cards and used a neutral color palette derived from flesh tones to underline her concept. Textures were applied to the solid background for a more humanistic bone consistency.

Designing Jokers, she decided to digress away from the scientific approach displayed in the main playing cards desig. Katie used Adam, Eve and the temptation of the apple for the religious facet.

Hominid Primates to Homo Sapiens! © 2012 Katie Ann Chan


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