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Playing Cards and Cinema: Beast in a Neon Cage Playing Cards by Jon Wong

This deck of playing cards was designed by Jon Wong in 2010 as a part of the Beast in a Neon Cage film festival visitor’s complete set of presents.

Beast in a Neon Cage is the name of a film festival project for legendary cult director Seijun Suzuki. The name for the festival is a metaphor for the characters that appear in Suzuki’s films: gangsters and crooks who on the surface appear civilized, but underneath are wild beasts that are stuck in the “neon cage” of the Tokyo nightlife. Building on that idea and the psychedelic imagery of his films, the festival’s visuals burst with color. The sharp angles reflect the on-screen chaos and the cartoon imagery hints at the dark humor that frequents Suzuki’s work. Finally, the packaging of the products uses raw wood on the outside to mimic the sophisticated veneers of these characters, but inside they explode with color, achieved through the use of various sheets of colored plastic.” ~ Jon Wong


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Kickstarter: Nothing Personal Gangsters: Bicycle Playing Cards by Springboard

Limited-Run, High-Quality Bicycle Playing Cards with Gangster Art from the “Nothing Personal” Board Game.


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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Alexey Lipatov

Playing cards designed by the Russian artist Alexey Lipatov [Lipatov’s gallery on DeviantART].

© Alexey Lipatov

They are dedicated to mobster’s years… for example, of Chicago. Tommy guns were the best friends of mobsters (gangsters) and Fords were their reliable vehicles. But those vehicles quite often required some care of a mechanic after another redivision of territories. And all that was for the benefit of a boss (a godfather of mafia). And of course any boss had to have a beautiful lover.

The King of Clubs


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